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So. I have this Thesis Proposal bit that needs to be signed by all the mugwumps around here before the end of the quarter. The good news is that I was able to pick my thesis right off a list of projects they want done, and I'm fairly interested in it (and it just happens to coincide with the electives I've already taken, so w00t, and such). The bad news is that they neglected to tell me much of anything at all about the project aside from the one-line description on the list. I'm supposed to meet with my advisor (far too early) tomorrow morning to go over the crunchy bits of this proposal.

I'd been expecting to go in there tomorrow with a half-drawn proposal and say, "yeah, I don't know what I'm doing with this; what do you want me to do?" But this afternoon one of the ladies in our office sent out a "this is what the proposal is" with a blank template and pointers on what should generally go in each of the blanks. And so I've been (half-heartedly) working on it all afternoon, and aside from a couple points, it's almost a fully-feshed proposal. I'm down to just writing up a quick description of the problem and a 'preliminary bibliography' (which unfortunately will be empty, as I've had little idea what i'm doing, let alone that I should be reading up on things already) and everything will be filled out. So instead of "I'm totally lost," I'm going in there and saying, "what needs to be changed or added to meet your standards?" That's a much better foot to get started on.

Still don't know anything about my internship, but the Norfolk guys are now in touch with our HR department. So it's still looking really good, but I don't have anything official, so I don't know. And I hate not-knowing.

Anyways, we'll see how it goes. In the end, it just determines the timeframe I have for getting my stuff out of this apartment, getting plane tickets back East, and possibly finding an apartment out there.

Update 21:02 -- I've 'completed' my rough draft for my proposal, and I'm feeling pretty good. Now I'm going to drink my tea, play some video games, and get a good night's sleep.
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I want you to be happy.
But I want to be happy, too.

I don't like how, recently, I can't appreciate the joy my friends have found. I can't stand it, in fact. I should be really happy for them, that things are working out.
But instead, more than anything, it just seems to underscore my own current low.
I feel angry and cynical. I think things which make me feel horrid just thinking.

I hope it's just stress.
I hope I can get out of this funk, get back East and be happy, both because I'm there and because my friends have so many things for me to be happy about.
I don't like feeling this way.

In other news, it's about 4am. I've been coding since, uhm, about 10om. It's actually been a lot of fun; mostly because I've been getting somewhere. I got my C++ project working, but I borrowed rather heavily from some other sources; I hope that's not a problem, because I don't think I would have fixed my problem if I hadn't found it elsewhere. And my Ada project is nigh-done, here in my lap; I'm just commenting the thing.

So, yeah. Programming's going good.
Which is generally a good thing.
And would be particularly a good thing, if my career meant anything to me beyond a means to an end.

Get this done, and maybe get some sleep before lunch...
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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
0800-0850 -- -- -- -- Innovations
0900-0950 Software Methodology Software Methodology Software Methodology Computer Graphics Innovations
1000-1050 Computer Graphics Computer Graphics Computer Graphics Software Methodology --
1100-1150 Applied Number Theory Applied Number Theory Applied Number Theory -- --
1200-1250 -- -- -- -- Applied Number Theory
1300-1350 Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence --
1400-1450 Network Security Network Security Network Security Network Security Artificial Intelligence
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Predictably, the courses I want to take next quarter have changed since entering them the first week I was on this coast.
There is at least one class I want to drop, one I want to move, and two I want to add.
Add-Drop begins on Wednesday. Hopefully I won't have any timing conflicts and my rescheduling can go smoothly.
Failing that... Well, it's not that I *don't* want to take these courses, but there are others I think would be better for me.
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So I'm sitting here, at my desk, in the middle of a room which is becoming more and more packed with papers, clothes, and other random detritus of life. And I'm sitting here doing very little else than clicking through the tabs on my Firefox to see if I've gotten mail in the last 85 seconds. Or if someone posted in LiveJournal. or is something might've happened on MySpace, though I'm sure I wouldn't know what I'm expecting to happen.

Aren't I productive?

But that's OK, because I've been working pretty hardcore on this Compilers assignment for the last couple of days. It's due by Sunday at Midnight, and I have it almost done now, so I'm taking a break. It was quite a rush there for a while, crunching on code for hours, figuring out the logic. it was frustrating for a while when the code wouldn't link until I changed something incredibly stupid (I needed it to be a .c instead of a .cpp, which just means renaming the file >.< ). Last night and this morning was spent running some tests on it to make sure my logic was all right -- and save for one line it all was. I'm kind of proud of that. But I owe a lot to the guy here who wrote up the test files I'm using -- if not for him, I would have never found the one logic error I had. And I think it was a big enough error that it really could have effected my grade.

The last bit I have to do is make sure bad input generates the correct errors. That shouldn't be too difficult, and I'm as not concerned with that as I am that it runs correctly with proper input.

-smirk- I'm assuming most of you have a glazed look right now, so I'll try to spice up the post.

It seems like now is the time to find old friends. I recently found a couple girls I went to grade school with on Facebook, and another old friend found me *really* randomly on MySpace. I'm still not sure how she found my profile at all (maybe it showed up randomly on her welcome screen, I don't know), but she said she recognized me from my picture. -laughs- Andrew never changes.

I also got to talk with Becky, who I haven't talked to in a long while. In the intervening time she's transfered schools, but she's still getting a culinary arts-type degree, which is cool. I told her Josh just started College and she said, "I feel old." -laughs- I sent her an email the other day, and haven't heard back from her yet, and not-hearing-back from people always kinda depresses me. I really need to work on that; it was a long email (I seem incapable of being brief), and it's only been a day, maybe a little more, *and* it's the middle of the week and we're all busy. But I still get a little down when I don't hear back from people, and I've had enough times when I don't *ever* hear back from people that it's got some basis.

The Quarter is almost up; next week is the last week of classes, then a week of exams. Which isn't really a week of exams for me -- one course has no exam, two courses are having their exams next Thursday instead, and a fourth class is having a mail-in paper due Dec27th instead. Which leaves just one exam, on Wednesday morning, I think, all week. So maybe i'll clean my room, and actually be packed to leave on the 15th.

My two weeks at home are already being eaten up, and it's still two weeks away! -laughs- I get in the night of the 15th. I think I have a dentists' appointment on the 16th or so, and I'm planning to have dinner with my cousin Christina on the 17th (I think that's what we were planning...? Maybe it was the 16th...). Amber wants to have me over for a '24' marathon, complete with pizza and Chinese. I'm supposed to meet Claire for brunch on the 20th while on my way to visit Sara until the 22nd, and I may (*may*) try to swing by Virginia Beach on my way home to say Hi to a few people I can't see otherwise. The 23rd is the only day my family's all going to be able to get together for a Family Portrait (which I'm looking forward to getting, cause I love pictures). The 24th is Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then The Day After Christmas. I'm having a handful of friends over on the 27th for pizza and visiting and such. Then there's New Year's Eve and New Years Day on the 31st and 1st (respectively), and I fly back out here on the 3rd for classes to resume on the 4th. And I still want to see if I can get together with some of my other friends out there, like Jackie, and maybe take a trip to see people back at CUA.

Crazy stuff there.

What else? I finished 'Dune' last week. It was pretty good, but the sort of book I think I need to read another couple times to fully unpack. I thought it ended kind of abruptly. But it was a good book; I liked it. My friend Laurel here and I were talking about reading the Harry Potter books 'together' (ie, at the same time, and meeting to discuss it, or whatever), but I've been so occupied this week that I haven't started. I was thinking I might this evening. With tea, maybe. But I'm out of sugar. I tried using Chocolate Chips to sweeten it last night, but it didn't really have the desired result. I'm also trying to discipline myself to learn to type using the Dvorak key-mapping (which I've been meaning to have as the subject of a post for a while now, but haven't gotten to it), but I haven't been very good about it. Partly because I hunt-and-peck so well, and partly because my hand are really not used to *typing* at all; any real sort of typing, QWERTY or otherwise, exercises muscles I don't use. Which means it hurts. But I mean to do it.

And I've a couple ideas bubbling around my head for things I want to write -- the World of Darkness novella I've been toying with for the last year or so, but also a story about a certain Changeling character I'd developed quite a number of months ago, and another idea which struck me when my professor, comparing C++ to Ada, said something about "Power versus Safety" in languages...

I haven't heard this sing in a very long time... it's really pretty. Really sad. -smiles-
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Ha ha!
I win.

My Lex program is working right.
The only reason it "wasn't" was because I was pushing the wrong button to execute.
Well, that and I forgot to add the code to read in the file. But that's a minor detail.

I now reward myself with City of Paragon goodness.
And then maybe I'll write some.
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I just faxed off my application.
My writing sample was the final paper to my Intro to Psyche course, which I think is sub-par compared to other bits I've written (particularly for Philosophy), but I don't have any of those bits any more, one waty or another.
I'm afraid my chances of getting the internship are slim, that my experience isn't strong enough, that my resume doesn't sell me enough.
And I forgot to sign my cover letter.  >.<

So, yeah, short-term stress this morning, plus I'm tired. The stress will disipate -- nothing I can do now, so there's no point in worrying -- and I think I'll take a nap this afternoon.

I want to go to Noon mass; All Saints' Day is supposed to be a Holy Day of Obligation, though I think it's been 'marked for demotion' like many other holy days. I'm not exactly sure why we have that trend...

I wish I could get some of my icons (like the one here) cleaned up, but along with other bits, I lose my Photoshop in a wipe a number of months ago, and I was never very good with it, anyways.
I also want to fix up my Literary icon, but I'm not quite sure how or, if i'm to replace it, with what.

At least it's not Monday.  ^_^

(I don't like stress.)
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The good news is I'm currently looking at getting into an Internship program that would bring me back to the Maryland-DC area this summer.

The bad news is that I'm not sure how strong my application is.

And if I got, it'll shift my class schedule off by a semester -- meaning that I'll have to do some scheduling acrobatics to complete all the courses I need to get my Masters.
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First test of the Quarter. Introduction to Information Assurence. First one done, in about 30min, and i'm feeling particularly confident about my answers.
I've still got it.
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I just bough this quarter's books off Half.com for about $250.
Going through the book store would have cost me nearly $500!
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I wanna be sedated.

Monday's suck. I mean, royally suck.

I was up way too late last night, which would have been fine, save I was up because LJ wasn't working. Even that would have been fine if my computer had come off StandBy this morning and I hadn't lost all the work I'd put into my entry. And all of that would have been better if I hadn't slept through both my English and Physics classes (yes, yes, I'm a slacker and I skip out on classes as it is, but it iritates me when it's on accident!).

Then there was the Calc test I had after an excruciatingly short lunch. I was fairly confident about it, and I had my notes and all, but I fear I made some stupid mistakes and that it cost me points, and so now I'm very insecure about how my first test of the semester turned out.

I just told my friend Jack that I couldn't hop around DC with him this afternoon cause I've gotta meet with my English professor. Which isn't entirely false. I do need to meet with him. I just haven't heard back from him yet. I think I'm going to end up laying in bed with the lights of, dozing in that agonizing zone between wakefulness and sleep. I would listen to my CD-player, except I don't feel like it - not even some dark music. I would almost say I'd hope for a phone call or e-mail or something, except I don't think I'd be much for talking. Likewise, I would flip in Diablo or Unreal, but the feeling's just not there. I'd want to read a book, and yet I don't.

I could go on, but I fear I would just sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I'm sure I'm just cranky. Maybe I will listen to some music and pretend the world doesn't exist. Maybe that'll make me feel better.



Jan. 22nd, 2002 02:44 pm
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Just had a CompSci test. The happies. I know, I know, I'm sick. But the code's just. So. Beautiful.

I was the first guy done, and the Proff. went through it and couldn't find anything wrong. It was really easy stuff, inheritence and abstract and stuff.

I think I underestimate my abilities. Honestly, I can't imagine how this could be hard stuff. At work, I feel bad for getting paid to do what any two-bit idiot could do. At best, I believe, I'm a convienience to my boss, who could likely do my work herself.

And yet, there are people who failed CompSci last semester. And not EVERYONE gets perfect grades in that class, even now. And, sometimes, Bonnie makes me wonder when she's fuddling about her computer. Maybe I'm more adept than I think.

In other news, I saw the pastor of St. Mark's in Va Beach at work yesterday. I asked if he knew the Mullins, and he said thay had a daughter, Leslie, who was studying Japanese in West Virginia, "of all places." that was fun stuff.

Found out just now that my Physics homework is due today, not t'marrow. I should start working on that.

But for now, I have 2hrs of work with DSS. I'll see you all around.
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English class was good - I think I may come to like that class. it's all writting stuff, and it looks to all be creative writing, maybe. We got split up into groups, and I was with Micheal, Francine, and Sarah. Sarah and Francine are both pretty girls. (Joy) If only it'd been Nina instead of Mike, then I'd REALLY like English class. ^__^

Physics was so incredibly entertaining (rolls eyes) that i don't remember a thing about the class. Yes, watch the inanity. Watch it, I say.

Played more Unreal Tournament (read: crack for your computer) and decided I liked assault. From what Leslie's said, though, I may yet take that back.

Lunch was ever so pleasing to the tongue - cold fries along with hard garlic bread and over-done spaghetti. And I was falling asleep at the time.

Calculus was amusing. Prof. Levin has shown that, dispute his russian accent and cold, mechanical subject matter, he's really a funny guy. I never thought variables of integration and transcendental functions could be so much fun. Yeah.

I have work in one hour. that sucks. i don't want to go to work, but if I don't, everyone will be mad at me cause I gotta finish this drudgery project we'd been assigned. Curse those evil octopie.

That's what she said.

Tomarrow morning I drive to Va Beach, afternoon get t'gether with Oli, and evening see Emily. Pray I survive the weekend.

Yes, have some.

Then Dexter said "...."

And they lived hapily ever after, until three weeks from tuesday.
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Yes, I am skipping class because I'm too tired to see straight. Yes, see my slackfulness - be in awe at it.

I'm kinda disappointed with myself - I really need to get on the ball and start getting my work done. It's not that much effort, just a matter of getting in gear and accomplishing something.
I'll just read the lesson later tonight.

But, now I sleep.
I feel like I'm gonna pass out,
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Have you ever not said something, publicly or privately, because you "know" how people will react to it, and that's not what you want? As an example, you intended to make a comment on this or that, but you didn't because you were sure that people would feel sorry for you, and that's really not what you want?

Maybe it's an obscure concept, but I've been told that I'd be hard pressed to find something everyone hasn't felt before. I THINK this is how I feel, but i'm not sure. You see, I'd intended to make this post about an hour ago, but I was determined to get my English reading done. Now, I remember the intent, but not the cause. In any case, it's an interesting point to ponder.

In Other News )
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Ok, maybe 'death' is too strong a word, but that's the passage - sue me.

Finals are over. I'm frustrated with myself on this last one, and I'll be really disappointed if I get a low grade on it, but they're all over. Now I pack and fly home. Ah, sweet respite.

I'm frustrated because I hate knowing i know something and not being able to recall it. There MUST be a way to figure out the spring constant if you have the displacement, the mass, and the period, but I couldn't do it. I also couldn't remember the key pieces to a couple other questions. Dam physics. Though, I must say, it's a rather fun game to play.

I'll be disappointed if I get a low grade, cause I'm pretty sure those three parts are all I didn't *KNOW*, and I'm pretty confident that I had a general gist for it. So I'm expecting that I'll get a decent grade. We'll see.

Now, I pack. Then sleep. Then Eat.

Hmmmm, maybe not in that order....
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I Just got back from my philosophy exam.

That thing was so flipping easy. ^_^

I studied last night the best to my ability, which meant finding the answers to the review sheet in my notes. I 'studied' from about 12:30 until 1:00 and then went to bed - yes, I went to bed early. ^^

And it was the easiest exam. Choose 8 out of 10 short answers and then 2 out of three essays, and you're done. We had 2 hours to take the test, starting at 8:00 and going till 10:00. Phil, the first guy, was out in under 1/2 an hour, before 8:30. I was soon to follow him and even stopping to chat with Jack, I was back in my room BEFORE 9:00.

I don't think I have much to worry about.

It was an easy exam.
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Yes, finals begin today. For me, they began at 8:00 with Calculus I. Much is the pain. It wasn't too hard (the first question was to write the equation of a line perpendicular to a given line - childsplay). Sadly though, I had no idea how to figure out #5 and #6 - or rather, I did, but the number's weren't fitting into the equations, so....I think I'm looking at an 80-ish, but I'm hoping for partial credit. I'm not too worried about my grade though - it's pretty solid. I hope....

In a related topic, I get bragging rights over many of my CompSci friends. I'm exempt from the exam! ^_^ That's very cool, seeing as CompSci is my Major, and it means I'm garonteed an A in the class. This also means I'm generally less worried about my overal average, since it garontees that I can eat an C no problem.

In anycase, back to bed for me. My next final is 8:00 on Thurse, so I might as well get sleep. ^^
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Yes, yes it was.

I had a rather bad night of Role-playing last night, but for the sake of length, I'll save that for a later post. Suffice, for now, that is wasn't fun.

I will, however, explain the events there-after. You see, we finished playing at about 2:00 AM, upon which Aaron and Abner decided to play a game of 'Lord Of The Rings' which lasted until 3:00 AM. Aaron being my ride, I could do little else but sit there and smolder. I do believe 'smolder' is a good term to use.

Anyways, since the last Metro left at about 1:20, it'd been pre-determined that I'd crash at Aaron's (so we could play later), and so Me, Aaron, and Yon got into his car, he drove Yon home, and then me and him got to his place, upon which we went to bed. I must say here that, while narrow and unfamiliar, it was a very comfortable night's rest.

In anycase, me and Aaron had decided to get up and leave his house at 9:00 so I could get back here, get changed, and be at work at 10:00. He wakes me up, I throw on my clothes, but don't bother to put my contacts in. I put my shoes on in the car, and he drops me off at the metro - reasonable, and predictable, though I would have much prefered if he'd driven me to campus. Not a big deal, really, but mind you, I may STILL be smoldering from last night, so... *shrugs*

I get in the Metro and, as always, it goes. I get off at CUA and trek back towards my dorm. Glancing at my watch, it's 9:45 - it's a ten minute walk to my dorm and then another ten minutes to work. And along the way I have to get dressed. I get up to my room, grab my clothed, change, put on my shoes, and look at the clock - 8:55. I'm not gonna make it - it takes ten minutes to get there and I'm supposed to be there in five. I should have called and said I'd be late. I SHOULD have had Aaron drive me home last night. I -- wait. Did that say 8:55? I looked at my watch - it said it was almost 9:00. Then I pieced it together - Aaron hadn't left at 9:00, he left at 8:00. I was off by an hour.

Skrew this. I went and took a shower, put my contacts in, and then sat down to begin my gripe-ing. And yes, I mean 'begin' because I still have yet to explain WHY last night was so much of a waste. Leslie, in particular, knows I don't get upset easily (though I would say she gives me more credit than I'm due) and I was upset last night. i didn't say much of anything after the game, and I really really wanted to hit something - or hold someone. Both are amazingly good for releasing tension. Sadly, I went unfulfilled last night, probably why I'm still smoldering now.

But, now I DO have ten minutes to get to work. I'll post about my Roll-playing session from last night when I get back after work. Till then, fare well.


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