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D'aww. Jenny and Anastasiya love me.

The two girls went to the recent Cruxshadows concert in DC a lil'while back, which I couldn't make 'cause I'm on the Wrong Coast
But not only did Anastasiya call me while they were there so that I could hear (very badly and over a poor cellphone connection) the concert, but they got me two postcards -- on of Rogue signed by Rogue, and one of Rachel signed by Rachel (for those who don't care, Rogue's the lead singer and frontman, and Rachel is the short, quiet, rather-shy violinist who's just awesome -- I like girls and I like violins, so Rachel gets big points in my book).

And then Anastasiya wrote a little note, put it all in an envelope, and mailed it to me.
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Emily: So it was weird; we fell asleep together watching a movie, and then woke up together, and we kissed. I've never had that kind of attention before.
Anastasiya: Try dating him. (Points to Andrew)

So, just a few quick notes. I helped Anastasiya move into school today, which became an all-day affair. Met her roomies and her friend Emily, who was very cool but a little sun-baked. Also realized that, between classes restarting, watching my siblings for mom, and my impending move West, I may not be seeing much of anyone anymore. It makes me rather sad...

I emailed Suzannah four days ago, saying, in short, "I like spending time with you, but it feels like you're ignoring/avoiding me; I leave for California soon, I'd like to see you before then." I haven't yet gotten a reply and, with her classes starting on Monday, I'm not sure there's time enough for it to matter. Which makes me very sad.

I have my apartment leased. I plan on flying out there September 12th. I'm going to be mailing most of my stuff to me. I'll need to buy a bed and a desk, and my parents are going to buy me a bike. Which I'll probably end up naming... I made a bet that I wouldn't... I need new clothes, too; NPS has a dress-code, similar to what I wore during Highschool, but I don't have those sorts of clothes these days. I'm rooming with Stephen, who I barely know, and was having a pretty nice conversation through email with Brian, another NPS'er who I hardly know. Brian has a buddy who's going to be going to MIIS, and we all agree that mingling between the schools will be a good thing. Those at NPS said MIIS is where the military sends it's girls for Master's Degrees. -smiles-

I should go, now. I have to pack up some stuff, and mom wanted to be on the road by 9am. Whee.
As a parting thought, GEEK in binary: 0100 0111 0100 0101 0100 0101 0100 1011
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Yesterday was a very good day. Not exactly as I'd planned things, but better for it in the end.
On Wednesday night, I gave Amber a call at about 11:30 and asked if she wanted to do lunch the next morning. We decided to meet at Quiznos at 11:30. On the way up, I picked up Anastasiya, who wasn't doing anything any ways and who'd gotten along well with Amber before. Unfortunately, Amber's power had gone out the night before, so Anastasiya and I wandered around Toys-R-Us for a bit while we waited for her to dress and drive up.

Toys-R-Us was a lot cleaner than I remember the last one being, though it's easily been 4 or 5 years since I went in one. I let slip that I was trying to not buy one of these, but we didn't find any, anyways.

Lunch went well; the people at Quiznos recognized me, presumable from all the time I spent there last summer. Sarah, the cashier, is sporting a true mohawk now, which, paired with the fact she'd been really clean-cut last I saw her, says to me she recently yurned 18. I ordered a large Traditional, and then went back in for a small Traditional after that. It was a hungry day. The staff laughed at me.

Sometime in here I got a call from Leslie, who was in town with Beth G. and planning dinner with Beth H, and why don't I come along, too? I asked if I could bring Anastasiya (Amber had work), and we were all set. They'd give me a call when plans were, uhm, planned.

We unfortunately got reprimanded by another patron when, while sitting and talking after our lunch, our conversation took something of a downward plunge into discussions of sexual depravity in theatre-people. I felt pretty bad for it, being That Guy, but we just got up and left. The Girls dragged me into Linens and Things for reasons I have yet to divine, and we wandered around there until Anastasiya got called by her father, who wanted her home to clean. I took her back home, and them Amber to her car, and we split ways. I then went to Barnes and Noble to look around, because I love books.

Now, my plan had been to see Suzannah yesterday at some point; this got put on the back burner, though, when Leslie showed up, because I wasn't going to miss Leslie, and I wasn't going to have a rushed visit with Suzannah. So, I walked around BnN and looked at some really interesting-type books on Quantum Mechanics (I would have bought that one, if not for the $25 tag on it; maybe later), Einstein and General Relativity, and the interplay of technology and psychology. Anastasiya called me to let me know her servitude had ended, and we headed down to Georgetown to wander about. We saw some pretty cool punk-goth chick clothes, and ended up in Barnes and Noble again (I love that store), when at about 6:30 or 7:00 we got a call from Leslie that the planning had been planned, and we headed over to her hotel.

From there we decided to head out to a restaurant where another old mutual friend of ours, Ms. Megan, was waitressing. So, we went out there, and saw Megan, and had food, and it was joy. And yes, it was really good seeing all of those ladies -- both Beth H. and Megan had cut their hair since I last saw them, and both looked really nice.

So, yes. Megan and Beth G, if you're reading this, we really should keep in touch. It was good seeing you.
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Had a great day. Spent most of it with Anastasiya, saw Howl's Moving Castle, ran in the DnD campaign Daniel's doing (which I think was possibly our best one yet, even if he seemed to think it was lacking), and then sat in for a bit on an old-type Werewolf game Anastasiya's getting into (and trying to get me into).

Now, I'm just tired. And lonely.
I want to be loved.
-curls up by himself and goes to sleep-
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So, today I had lunch ) And visited a friend ). I really can't thank Anastasiya enough, or even really explain what it is I'm thanking her for.

Though, I still don't have that Tarot deck I've been looking forward to, which makes me cry on the inside.


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