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So, I came over here looking for one of my Vash Icons (somehow, Google wasn't able to find me a good picture) and ended up looking around a bit... It's actually a bit depressing. Like going back to my old stomping grounds and finding that my old hangout is closed down, all my friends moved away, and they paved over the park. It looks like only a few of you are left that still use LiveJournal, and even fewer that've kept their atrophied connection with my journal. That's mostly my fault; except for a Blip flood sometime last year, I haven't updated this since June of 2009, and it was sparse even before that.

Life moves on, and while I'm here I guess I might fill you in on it. Meghan and I were married the last time I posted; now we have a little girl, Maire Shannon, who's turning 6 months next week. She's teething and gurgling and generally is a very easy-to-handle baby. She doesn't fuss a lot (unless something is very wrong) and she deals well with "strangers" (you know, like her aunts or grand parents). I'm still working as a Computer Consultant, but with a recent switch in management in my office I'm looking to find a new position. I'll probably still stay with the company (I'm not sure I'd find a better deal at the moment anyways), but moving to a different office might be a good idea... We're getting our house refinanced, too, though the bank is currently taking it's time on "internal "processes." We'll see how that goes.

I've been running a regular, weekly D&D game with Meghan and some of our buddies. We just started a quick Shadowrun game (with someone else GMing) for a little break. It's nice, though I think my interpretation of the setting would be a little different (more tech-heavy, I think). Meg and I have re-activated our WoW accounts, though my usual complaints about the game (friends all on different servers, and too high level, so never anyone to play with) still hold. I also play a lot of StarCraft 2 (I loved the original), though lately I've been playing custom variations a lot more than the actual game itself.

And that's life in a nutshell. I'd say that I tend to say more on Facebook and Twitter, but lately that hasn't been true, either; in a weird way, I've been unplugged a lot more lately. With getting married, having a child, and seeing a subgroup of my friends more regularly in person, I guess I just haven't needed the Internet for socializing as much. And I think that's really kind of sad in a way.
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I am going to miss it here.
I'm going to miss Laurel and Tom and Jonathan and Chris and Bruce.
I'm going to miss Brent and Haven and the Game Habitat and the weather.
I'm going to miss my housemates, who I really like even if I never get to hang out with them.
There's a lot that I'm going to miss when I get out of here.

But the thought of being able to go home is so great that it makes me want to cry.
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There's really only one thing I like about April Fool's Day: finding all the absurd announcements on various websites.
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I'm sad.
The Internet's been quiet today -- our router was down most of the day and even when I finally got it up, there was no email and only a couple of LJ posts.
Ended up thinking about Kira tonight. And Ben. I miss him. I'm upset I never really got to know him.
I'm sad.
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It's been eerily quiet here today. Like zombies-are-going-to-jump-out-of-the-storage-closet-and-eat-me quiet. If I didn't know better I'd say I was the only one here, and even with knowing better there's not a sound. Not even printing jobs of phones ringing or anything.

I spent most of the morning reading Wikipedia articles on VoIP, GSM, and W-CDMA (what are all phones-going-to-internet protocols, it seems). I'm likely going to do similar for the rest of the afternoon, unless someone comes in here and eats my flesh tells me otherwise. It's pretty interesting enough, and me and Wikipedia are on good terms. I wish I could run off on random tangents the way I usually do, but I'm not sure I can justify reading an article on aboriginal linguistic theory or anything like that.

I went to my parents' house this weekend. I saw Liz and her fiance Matt; they came over to my parents' house and we had Dominos Pizza and swam in the pool. The pool, it turns out, has a whole bunch of bells and whistles I didn't know about, my personal favorite being the color-changing light. It was very cool in there under the starry night sky.

Liz also promised to introduce me to her cousin-in-law-to-be at her wedding in three months, and I'm going to hold her to that. -nods to this- My sister still intends to introduce me to her once-coworker, too, I think. It's not that i'm desperate to find somebody, mind you, but there are few opportunities for me to meet new people in my day-to-day life. I figure being set-up can't be any worse than looking around online; after all, at least these people come recommended by people I know.

I keep meaning to make a "dating and what it is i'm looking for" post to organize my thoughts on the whole big mess. Maybe tonight, though I think I'm supposed to be going out to see Sarah's new apartment tonight. We'll see how that goes. There aren't enough hours in the day.

A thought I had: home is where your heart is. For most of the last six years, my home hasn't been less than two hundred miles away.
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Recent lessons:
1. Amber, who I always figured was about a year older than me, is actually about 4 months younger than me.
2. Jesse, who I always figured was about the same age as Amber, actually is. Meaning she too is younger than I thought.

I'm not really sure what to make of these kinds of revelations.
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D'aww. Jenny and Anastasiya love me.

The two girls went to the recent Cruxshadows concert in DC a lil'while back, which I couldn't make 'cause I'm on the Wrong Coast
But not only did Anastasiya call me while they were there so that I could hear (very badly and over a poor cellphone connection) the concert, but they got me two postcards -- on of Rogue signed by Rogue, and one of Rachel signed by Rachel (for those who don't care, Rogue's the lead singer and frontman, and Rachel is the short, quiet, rather-shy violinist who's just awesome -- I like girls and I like violins, so Rachel gets big points in my book).

And then Anastasiya wrote a little note, put it all in an envelope, and mailed it to me.
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Rachel, my cousin who just turned 21 today, just called to say 'thank you' for the Large Basket O'Chocolate(tm) that I sent her.
-smiles- I love Rachel.
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I've altered the Look and Feel of my Journal. Sometimes change can be good. Still playing with some of the little details, like link colors and text wording, but I think I like it.

The new style shows Friends colors on my Friends' Page, which is not a feature I've had in a very long time. Most of my "friends' colors" are just white, which is pretty boring. I'll have to fix that. If you'd like to help me out and suggest a color for yourself it'd be greatly appreciated, and you can comment here or email me at jackofallgeeks @ livejournal.com

Have I mentioned before how I love the title 'do_While(True)'?

I still haven't taken a nap...
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So, I went up after class (in my suit, of course, because it's a Tuesday, but yeah, y'know) and gave her my peace offering -- one of the bottles of red wine I have (I'm never gonna drink them all). And she seemed to really like it, and said her name was Kelly and she wasn't "always a bitch." I told her she was completely in the right, and really should have told me sooner, but she said that she didn't want to be 'that neighbor,' but last night she just couldn't take it, and came down the steps, and I was "so sweet," and she kinda wanted me to be mean, because then she could be mean back.

All in all, very amiable. Course, it means I gotta keep Unicron quiet on week nights, but I really should have been doing that, anyways.
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I woke up this morning and before I even dressed and coffee'd, Unicron was at it again, complaining about how her C: drive didn't have enough space, and that Windows likes 200megs of space to play with, and it only has 143megs, and if I didn't do something, Bad Things would happen -- like she'd keep complaining.

This has been going on for some time now, and while it really gets under my skin, it's not really her fault. Several months ago, I decided to partition Motherbrain (Unicron's C: dive) in two -- Motherbrain would hold the operating system, and Hindbrain would pick up her slack. I figured "it's only an operating system, how much space could it need?" I mean, we've had operating systems since before hard-disks was more than a few K big! So I partitioned Motherbrain at 3gigs and figured that'd be fine.

Not so, as became apparent. And so after cleaning Motherbrain several times a day, and uninstalling every unneccessary component, and even moving some necessary components to other drives, I caved. Unicron and I sat down and had a nice long chat, and after getting everything sorted, I formatted and re-partitioned (or rather, re-partitioned and formatted) Motherbrain and Hindbrain. (It's worth note that neither Ridley nor Kraid were touched in this, so most of my data didn't know anything was up.)

Then the trouble began. First because I'd forgotten to move my video-card drivers onto Ridley before the wipe. So I had to go online -- but wait, no internet access. I'd forgotten to move my wireless drivers, too. This is a little matter; I fired up Azrogs (my laptop) and had him download the drivers from the website onto Grasshopper (my flashdrive), and everything was peachy. Except when I found that the drives I'd downloaded were corrupted (and remained corrupted regardless of how many times I re-downloaded them) and that my card was old enough that it's no longer supported, meaning those corrupted drivers aren't going to be fixed any time soon. So, I headed out to BestBuy for a new wireless card.

Now, the plan was that I'd get a new wireless card because I needed one. I would then get a nice new video card and a massive new hard disk because I wanted them; if I was going out, I was coming back with some new toys. Unfortunately, BestBuy sings at a price roughly 3x what I could get online (shipping included), so that didn't happen. Disappointed, I stopped by Subway. It didn't help much, but it was tasty. I should have held out for Quiznos.

I did stop by Circuit City, though, and get a male-to-male stereo cable. the reason I did this was several-fold: (1) Unicron's DVD drive is on the fritz. Sort of. It'll read CDs and DVD-ROMs and the like, but it simply will not play DVDs. Part of me wants to say it's a software issue, but a clean uninstall-and-reinstall didn't fix it, so who knows. (2) Azrogs plays DVDs fine, except that his monitor and speaks leave a little something to be desired: namely quality. I didn't get him to be pretty, I got him to be portable. (3) My monitor, who I now feel I must name, is able to take multiple inputs. If you actually read this far, especially if you go on to finish the piece, comment to let me know. Unicron is using her Digital Video, which leaves two bits for regular video inputs -- one of which Azrogs can use since I have an extra cable laying around. So that fixes Azrogs' display issues. (4) With this connector, I can plug Azrogs' sound directly into Unicron's board, and since she has Surround Sound...

Now all I need to do is get one of those hookups so that my mouse and keyboard can interact with both Unicron and Azrogs... I'm thinking that it's not really Unicron who will become So Much More; it's looking like So Much More may become something of an amalgamation of both Unicron and Azrogs (with maybe Grasshopper and Nightingale, my mp3-player, thrown in for good measure).
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"City of Heroes and City of Villains will share the same universe and, therefore, they must coexist on the same servers. Many of the existing (and yet-to-be-released) features and zones within City of Heroes and City of Villains require that heroes and villains be able to interact fully. This means that players will manage their heroes and villains from the same menu interface.

People with only City of Heroes or City of Villains will have the normal eight character slots per server, those with both games will use a new interface with twelve character slots. Those twelve slots will accommodate both heroes and villains (so if players choose to, they can fill all twelve with heroes or with villains)."

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I just got an email from someone who used 'ontological value' in a meaningful, witty, and humorous way in casual conversation.

There's really nothing more I can add to that.
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Watching an episode of Firefly, ANDREW makes an observartion:

ANDREW: Why is it that, in every episode, it seems like Zoe is jumping through the air, shooting at stuff?
MARCIN: (smirking) Some things are better flinged.
ANDREW: 'Flung.'

Later, as the plot unfolds to show a very folk-type town with dancing and very little technology:

ANDREW: A whole planet full of Amish?
MARCIN: How would Amish get to another planet? You know, without the buttons and electricity and space ships..?
ANDREW: (smirking) Some things are better flung.
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I just bough this quarter's books off Half.com for about $250.
Going through the book store would have cost me nearly $500!
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I think Ms. Kincaid pointed this out once before, but I never got around to watching it. My brother just posted a link, and I'm killing time, so I watched it. And I really liked it.

So if you haven't before (or maybe even if you have), give it a shot.
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I wanna be sedated.

Monday's suck. I mean, royally suck.

I was up way too late last night, which would have been fine, save I was up because LJ wasn't working. Even that would have been fine if my computer had come off StandBy this morning and I hadn't lost all the work I'd put into my entry. And all of that would have been better if I hadn't slept through both my English and Physics classes (yes, yes, I'm a slacker and I skip out on classes as it is, but it iritates me when it's on accident!).

Then there was the Calc test I had after an excruciatingly short lunch. I was fairly confident about it, and I had my notes and all, but I fear I made some stupid mistakes and that it cost me points, and so now I'm very insecure about how my first test of the semester turned out.

I just told my friend Jack that I couldn't hop around DC with him this afternoon cause I've gotta meet with my English professor. Which isn't entirely false. I do need to meet with him. I just haven't heard back from him yet. I think I'm going to end up laying in bed with the lights of, dozing in that agonizing zone between wakefulness and sleep. I would listen to my CD-player, except I don't feel like it - not even some dark music. I would almost say I'd hope for a phone call or e-mail or something, except I don't think I'd be much for talking. Likewise, I would flip in Diablo or Unreal, but the feeling's just not there. I'd want to read a book, and yet I don't.

I could go on, but I fear I would just sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I'm sure I'm just cranky. Maybe I will listen to some music and pretend the world doesn't exist. Maybe that'll make me feel better.

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Yes, that's right. Dam LiveJournal. Dam it to Hell.

Last night I spent a good long while typing up an entry about my weekend, and I was very much quite happy with it. But it wouldn't post.

For over two hours I tried to get that thing to post. At 2:30am I decided - FINE, I'll just wait until morning, because I had English class at 9:00, so I hit the StandBy button and groggily got in bed.

And stayed there. Yes, I ended up sleeping through, not just my English class, but my Physics as well. And then my computer wouldn't come out of StandBy. It just stood their, it's orange light glaring at me when it should have been green.

And so, I now need to miss some time of work to see my English Teacher (I donno if I'm happy or upset about that) and I've lost all that work.

I'm going to try recreating it, but I donno if it'll be the same. None of YOU will notice, since you never saw the first one, but it still royally sux.
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I made another friend today. Aren't I just so special?

It was at lunch, and me and some girl across the way were the only two in the back section. I had my typical spaghetti and a few onion rings, and she was tackling this giant fajita. Aparently, as I discovered later, she was making a mess of the thing, and was laughing at herself for all the trouble she was having. I saw her laughing at herself, and popped in my trademark opener.

"Having Fun?"
"What, making a mess of my giant fajita? Yeah." (This is the 'later' I was talking about).

And then we sat and went back to our respective meals. But, she eventually decided to come over by me and sit and talk, as she ate her cake and I finished my onion rings. (Mmmmm, onion rings).

Turns out she's a transfer student, and a Sophmore-level Politics Major. I attempted at clever conversation, I think I just came off as, what's the word...unintellegent? But, she stayed and talked anyways, so hey, I couldn't have skrewwed up too much, be? She had wanted to come here originally, but ended up in a School in MI, which was fine, but "they just don't care about politics in MI" so she transfered. And here she is. Yeah.

I'm sure we talked about something interesting, but I can't remember. That's pretty much everything that's pertinent anyways, so...yeah. i'll leave you people, now. ^_^

Spur of the moment thought - I want a bloomin' onion. From Outback. With that sause, y'know? Oh, it's to die for. Well, not die for - that's stupid. you can't eat when you're dead. Kill for maybe - yeah, that makes more sense. Mmmmmmmmm.


Jan. 25th, 2002 12:45 am
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I love talking with my dad. ^_^ I love the way I can just kid around with him. I would say "like one of the guys" but we all know how many guy friends I have. He's just a really cool guy, even given that he's not only an Old Person, but he's my father, y'know? It's just the coolest thing. I think I agree with my mom - he never grew up.

::Dances:: They're going to Order me the Last Unicorn VHS! They said they'd send it here and just deduct the cost from the amount they transfer to me for the housing payment! Score! I'm. So. Flipping. Happy!

Spotted Austin online t'day - Leslie gave me his contact info and I tagged him on AIM. When he figured out it was me (Austin: "Who is this?" Me: "Some call me...Tim. But you can call me Andrew." Austin: "ANDREW!?") then he told me how he'd missed me - in a 30% straight way. Right. Well, I'll take what I can get. I must confess that I'd been thinking about the guy the other night - I mean, he really is kinda cool, and having someone hitting on you can't be ALL bad. ^_^*

So we talked for a while, and he kept bringing up my flaw of heterosexuality (Me: "They're all either married or straight, ne?"), but it was all good. I'm sure we talked about something interesting, but being me, I can't remember what.

(Singsong) I'm getting the Last Unicorn...
Hee hee hee. Now all I need is that soundtrack. Someone remind me to e-mail Mel my address. The happies. ^_^ I owe half of it to The Didgital Shepherd (for mentioning it in the first place) and three fourths of it to Mel (just because she's so. Flipping. Awsome.), and so I thank you both proportionally. Thankie you muches!

AND, Claire's gonna be here in...uhm...24 minus 7..that's, uhm...17? Seventeen hours from now? Yeah, I'm so much joystuffs. I leave now, before I explode.


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