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There's really only one thing I like about April Fool's Day: finding all the absurd announcements on various websites.
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Mr. Robot looks like it could be a cool game. Robot-adventure combined with Lolo-style puzzles combined with FF6-style battles.


Mar. 18th, 2007 01:40 pm
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I think GameSwap is a great idea, and actually something I've been wanting for a long time. The idea is that you put up used games that you've tired of to trade to people who haven't, and in exchange can trade other people for games you DO want. There's a HUGE turn-over rate for video games, especially for hard-core gamers who get better value renting than buying, and none of the places like GameStop of FuncoLand offers a suitable buy-back or exchange rate. With this service, you can get a good value for your old game and fine the old, out-of-stock titles you'd like to own.

It's all mail-based and it's not free -- it runs on a credit system, which you either get for swapping games to other people or purchase yourself from the GameSwap site -- but it's completely legal (nothing wrong with selling or bartering objects you own) and a great idea for anyone with old, unused games laying around. (I don't THINK they have a reverse function to give you money back for credits earned, but it might be something they should look into; if I can 'sell' my games on GameSwap then everyone wins once I decide I'm done gaming; no reason to swap them for credits I can't use if I can just hawk them at a garage sale.)
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The thing that I get most from This Article is that they want to be noticed. And they're not. And sometimes I think that's a cultural epidemic. We're all so caught up in ourselves (myself included).

It actually reminded me of This webcomic, a particularly poignant one, I think.
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This article about kids' behavior (and what is and is not reasonable expectation and appropriate action) is bookmarked mostly for myself. I know there's a contingent of my friends who would sit on the other side of the fence from me on this issue, though amusingly I think we hold the same opinions on how children (and their parents) ought to behave.

Edit: And by that I mean, of course, that there are friends of mine who would have nothing to do with children if they could have their way, while I think I'm rather obviously a fan of kids (generally).

Edit: So, after reading The Comments that followed, I have a question: I can understand not wanting kids in fancy restraunts and at movies, and probably at certain public places, but do people really expect children to not travel on planes? I agree, unruly kids on planes, or fussy babbies, or that brat who keeps kicking your seat is nigh unto Chinese water torture. But air travel is the prime mode of distance traveling in America. No one* takes trains or busses when they go on trips, and I can speak as a well-traveled man that driving oneself is often out of the question. Many people travel, many people have kids, and it's just a matter of numbers to see that many people who travel will have kids. You can't expect them to not take a plane, can you?
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Imagine someone of average intelligence. Then imagine that half of the world is dumber than that.

I'm no great fan of traffic laws or the methods of their enforcement, but this sort of thing is just stupid.
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This is a (small instance of a larger) hot topic, though I have to confess that I'm really sure why. Particularly in West Virginia. I can maybe acknowledge certain concerns in similar cases elsewhere (though I think they're all rather ridiculous when it comes down to it, my own religious affiliation and thoughts on current interpretation of "separation of Church and State" as far aside as I can consciously put them). But especially in this case, where they were able to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars of private money from the community the school serves in order to fight the suit (with over 6,000 coming from the students themselves)... It seems to me the only one being offended here is the ACLU, who should really leave well enough alone a situation they have no part in.
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This is an interesting article ostensibly about new drugs and treatments for terminal illnesses and the high monetary cost attached to them. But the interesting bit is the philosophic question in the title: how much is living worth? Later in the article, it's mentioned that most Americans want "everything possible" done to "save" their lives. Not I, though. Reasonable medical attention, certain luxuries and conveniences that First World medicine can offer me, perhaps. But when the end of my life comes, whenever and however it comes, I hope to accept it with dignity; I will not grasp and claw to hold onto life beyond my time.

If you're scared of dying and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace, the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.
-Lou, Jacob's Ladder
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This article reminded me of a quote I heard once, something about how the only difference between buisnessman and criminal (or maybe it was 'right and wrong,' or 'legal and illegal' or something like that) was government sanction.
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This article offers an alternate reasoning to the pay gap from the standard "the world is prejudiced against women." In short, it says that women will charge less in certain circunstances, taking into consideration the needs of clients and associates, where as men simply don't care -- an oil change costs $43 regardless of who you are.

I admit i'm biased toward this answer because it reinforces two of my core beliefs: firstly, that (in general) The World is indiferent at worst -- no one is out to ruin your life. Second, that men and women (in general) function in fundamentally different ways, and function so across all fascets of life -- women (in general) are simply always more sensitive and concerned with the relationships between people, and men are rather block-headedly based in the hard facts that it takes $43 to make a profit on an oil change.
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I've only read the first page of This article, but i'm interested in reading what follows. Education is something I spend a lot of my time thinking about, mostly along the lines og how it's generally botched these days. I dispute trhe claim one official makes on page one the highschool gives some kind of a 'shared experience' that 'brings people together.' if I recall, highschool was rather divisive more often than not, and the alternatives they present seem like they would provide for much more of a 'shared experience' for the students involved. Schedule in some inter-school dances and events and you could even get the Jocks from one school to mingle with the Geeks at another school without having to force them to conform to the same scholastics.

Just a thought. One more bookmark I need to get back to once I find time...
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This is an interesting article. Too tired to even give much of a recap. It's about college and mental health.
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"If you don't understand gender differences, you end up furthering gender stereotypes."

This is an interesting article because of the gender-issues it touches on. Though I'll have to read further on to decide what I think about the school system in question (I have a rather low opinion of education -- not to be confused with learning -- in general), I've always believed there are intrinsic hard-wired differences between boys and girls, and in light of that this seems to be a reasonable move. At the same time, though, I think one of the deficiencies in the current school system is the stratification of grades; that is, 12-year olds only ever interact with other 12-year olds, etc. One of the most beneficial experiences I had in homeschooling, in my opinion, was the regular interaction with people much older and much younger than myself. I hate the word 'diversity' because it's become so loaded, but there's something to be said, I think, for exposure to other people who think and act in ways and for reasons that are different from your own. Put another way, it may be the case that single-sex classes work and are a great improvement for learning, but even at that boys and girls should have significant enough exposure to each other.

I'll read this later and think on it more.
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There are significant bits about This that I like, particularly the small paragraph near the bottom that mentions Google's success in fighting a subpoena for their search results.

News Flash!

Aug. 7th, 2006 02:07 pm
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News flash: dirty song lyrics promote sex!
I haven't read this article yet, but the title makes me wince and go, "we didn't know this?"
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Not everything that's wrong with society today, but a significant chunk of it. I'm only half-way through This article, but I already love it.
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A friend linked to This the other day, and I think it's worth passing around. I think there's a lot that I could say, but I'm not really sure how. Part of me thinks that some of the things he says just highlight some of what's wrong in the world today.
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This happened a little while ago (warning: Religious Nut on Video), and I heard about it then, but I got a link to it just now.

There's a sense, though, where this is that sort of thing I'm looking for as source for that story/novella/thing I keep meaning to write. Not religious nuts in particular, but the odd bits of spirituality, good and bad, that we find in our world today. I mean, for the most part, our world is pretty mundane, but there are motes of the strange lurking out there... I guess in a way I'm kind of interested in collecting them. Help is appreciated, if any of you happen to stumble upon anything spiritually, psychologically, biologically, sociologically, or philosopically strange out there on the internet.

In a related story, I'm still interested in trying to run a role-playing chronicle if I can get people interested in creating the same sort of story I'm looking to run. I tried once, and it kind of fell through from general disinterest and lack of enthusiasm. *meaningful cough* It would have to be through the internet somehow, though a messageboard or emailing list or shared journal or something, but... Anyways, just saying. In the mean time I'll just keep collecting my oddities.

(A further thought -- does anyone know where or how I could get a transcript of that video clip? There's a lot of cross-talk, but the more of it I could get in text, the more use I could make of it, I think. Thanks.)
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Geredeganger? In this digital age, what if the information about you took on a life of its own?

Disoriented by sound. An odd thought that we mighty humans might be reduced by unexpected sounds not unlike lesser animals.


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