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In response to requesting guidance on how I should present my next Chapter:


Why haven't you done thing things I didn't tell you to do? )

[My Adviser]

I Reply:

Because you didn't tell me to do them. )
I'll get back to you once I've gotten work accomplished on the items you've listed.


In Return:


Thanks for the response.

Here's a bit of useful advice, but you should be thanking me. )

[My Adviser]

To her I send:


I'll be a good student and back down. There's no point in fighting this. )

Thank you for your prompt response.

But to myself I think:

I don't back down without difficulty. And you're a bitch. )

Codemonkey not say it out loud; Codemonkey not crazy, just proud.
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It's been eerily quiet here today. Like zombies-are-going-to-jump-out-of-the-storage-closet-and-eat-me quiet. If I didn't know better I'd say I was the only one here, and even with knowing better there's not a sound. Not even printing jobs of phones ringing or anything.

I spent most of the morning reading Wikipedia articles on VoIP, GSM, and W-CDMA (what are all phones-going-to-internet protocols, it seems). I'm likely going to do similar for the rest of the afternoon, unless someone comes in here and eats my flesh tells me otherwise. It's pretty interesting enough, and me and Wikipedia are on good terms. I wish I could run off on random tangents the way I usually do, but I'm not sure I can justify reading an article on aboriginal linguistic theory or anything like that.

I went to my parents' house this weekend. I saw Liz and her fiance Matt; they came over to my parents' house and we had Dominos Pizza and swam in the pool. The pool, it turns out, has a whole bunch of bells and whistles I didn't know about, my personal favorite being the color-changing light. It was very cool in there under the starry night sky.

Liz also promised to introduce me to her cousin-in-law-to-be at her wedding in three months, and I'm going to hold her to that. -nods to this- My sister still intends to introduce me to her once-coworker, too, I think. It's not that i'm desperate to find somebody, mind you, but there are few opportunities for me to meet new people in my day-to-day life. I figure being set-up can't be any worse than looking around online; after all, at least these people come recommended by people I know.

I keep meaning to make a "dating and what it is i'm looking for" post to organize my thoughts on the whole big mess. Maybe tonight, though I think I'm supposed to be going out to see Sarah's new apartment tonight. We'll see how that goes. There aren't enough hours in the day.

A thought I had: home is where your heart is. For most of the last six years, my home hasn't been less than two hundred miles away.
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I think I got it.
I think I got it, I think I got it, I think I got it.

OK, so, I've been pretty sure I had it for a while, now. And, strictly speaking, I don't *know* I have it now any more than I knew, say, twenty minutes ago. But I got an email to the effect of:

Stuart in our Norfolk Branch wants to hire you for temporary employment. I will need additional information from you:
- resume
- your official undergraduate transcript, including GPA :
(if you have an unofficial copy you can email to me, but I'll need your official undergrad transcripts)
- confirmation from NPS that you are currently enrolled - pls have the NPS office fill out the attached form.
- your transcript to date from NPS (unofficial is OK)

Pls call me if you have questions. To confirm, Stuart says your start date can be as early as 10 July? and how long will you be working with Stuart? Also to confirm with you we do not pay for any housing or flying expenses from Monterey to Norfolk.

So... I think I got it!
I'm trying to not get over-excited about it, 'cause I hate the fall of disappointment, but as far as the eye can see there's really nothing else I want more right now.

Update: I just got an email reminding me that I haven't gotten an 'official' offer yet. Which I knew, but... grr, I wish they'd just give me a straight answer. Never mind that significant bits of my life rest in their hands, and they're dragging their feet... Bureaucratic BS... i'm getting sick of the yo-yoing.
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So. I have this Thesis Proposal bit that needs to be signed by all the mugwumps around here before the end of the quarter. The good news is that I was able to pick my thesis right off a list of projects they want done, and I'm fairly interested in it (and it just happens to coincide with the electives I've already taken, so w00t, and such). The bad news is that they neglected to tell me much of anything at all about the project aside from the one-line description on the list. I'm supposed to meet with my advisor (far too early) tomorrow morning to go over the crunchy bits of this proposal.

I'd been expecting to go in there tomorrow with a half-drawn proposal and say, "yeah, I don't know what I'm doing with this; what do you want me to do?" But this afternoon one of the ladies in our office sent out a "this is what the proposal is" with a blank template and pointers on what should generally go in each of the blanks. And so I've been (half-heartedly) working on it all afternoon, and aside from a couple points, it's almost a fully-feshed proposal. I'm down to just writing up a quick description of the problem and a 'preliminary bibliography' (which unfortunately will be empty, as I've had little idea what i'm doing, let alone that I should be reading up on things already) and everything will be filled out. So instead of "I'm totally lost," I'm going in there and saying, "what needs to be changed or added to meet your standards?" That's a much better foot to get started on.

Still don't know anything about my internship, but the Norfolk guys are now in touch with our HR department. So it's still looking really good, but I don't have anything official, so I don't know. And I hate not-knowing.

Anyways, we'll see how it goes. In the end, it just determines the timeframe I have for getting my stuff out of this apartment, getting plane tickets back East, and possibly finding an apartment out there.

Update 21:02 -- I've 'completed' my rough draft for my proposal, and I'm feeling pretty good. Now I'm going to drink my tea, play some video games, and get a good night's sleep.
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I want you to be happy.
But I want to be happy, too.

I don't like how, recently, I can't appreciate the joy my friends have found. I can't stand it, in fact. I should be really happy for them, that things are working out.
But instead, more than anything, it just seems to underscore my own current low.
I feel angry and cynical. I think things which make me feel horrid just thinking.

I hope it's just stress.
I hope I can get out of this funk, get back East and be happy, both because I'm there and because my friends have so many things for me to be happy about.
I don't like feeling this way.

In other news, it's about 4am. I've been coding since, uhm, about 10om. It's actually been a lot of fun; mostly because I've been getting somewhere. I got my C++ project working, but I borrowed rather heavily from some other sources; I hope that's not a problem, because I don't think I would have fixed my problem if I hadn't found it elsewhere. And my Ada project is nigh-done, here in my lap; I'm just commenting the thing.

So, yeah. Programming's going good.
Which is generally a good thing.
And would be particularly a good thing, if my career meant anything to me beyond a means to an end.

Get this done, and maybe get some sleep before lunch...
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I just faxed off my application.
My writing sample was the final paper to my Intro to Psyche course, which I think is sub-par compared to other bits I've written (particularly for Philosophy), but I don't have any of those bits any more, one waty or another.
I'm afraid my chances of getting the internship are slim, that my experience isn't strong enough, that my resume doesn't sell me enough.
And I forgot to sign my cover letter.  >.<

So, yeah, short-term stress this morning, plus I'm tired. The stress will disipate -- nothing I can do now, so there's no point in worrying -- and I think I'll take a nap this afternoon.

I want to go to Noon mass; All Saints' Day is supposed to be a Holy Day of Obligation, though I think it's been 'marked for demotion' like many other holy days. I'm not exactly sure why we have that trend...

I wish I could get some of my icons (like the one here) cleaned up, but along with other bits, I lose my Photoshop in a wipe a number of months ago, and I was never very good with it, anyways.
I also want to fix up my Literary icon, but I'm not quite sure how or, if i'm to replace it, with what.

At least it's not Monday.  ^_^

(I don't like stress.)
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Just very sad and lonely tonight.
I don't know what's up with my emotions these days.

Feeling very unmotivated.

And I'm afraid I won't get that internship I want. Feeding this is the fact that I can't find ANY of my papers on this computer, which leads me to think they've been deleted, which is sad in itself, but very bad in that they want a 5-10 page sample of my writing. And I've done GOOD STUFF, but I can't find any of it...
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The good news is I'm currently looking at getting into an Internship program that would bring me back to the Maryland-DC area this summer.

The bad news is that I'm not sure how strong my application is.

And if I got, it'll shift my class schedule off by a semester -- meaning that I'll have to do some scheduling acrobatics to complete all the courses I need to get my Masters.
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My God. I'm going to quit. I swear it.

I don't even know where to begin. Mohammed just called me and said, "Hey, can you come in early?" To which I should have responded, "Fuck no." Instead, I asked when he wanted me, and he said as soon as possible.

Here's the thing, though -- I'm already scheduled to work tonight from 5 until close. We close at midnight, but we don't just lock up and leave, we have to clean things and put away the food. I've worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week already, and we closed at 11 but didn't get out until 11:30, 12:00, and 12:00 respectively. Which means I anticipate working from 5 until 1am for an 8 hour day. I already told Mohammed I don't want to work more than 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, I said that 4:00-12:00 is 8 hours, and when he asked if I could come in at 4, I didn't fight. So I'm working a 9 hour day today. And yeah, his other workers look like they're all working 11 hour days, and that's fine -- I don't want this many hours, and I said as much. Hire more employees, I don't care. Or schedule the ones you have -- neither Gene nor Tyrinda work more than 4 or 5 days a week, if that much. And here I am, scheduled upwards of 6 or 7 hours a day for a week straight!

(As a side note to my friend Sarah and others similarly afflicted -- I've told you that I think 13-day weeks are insane, and this is in no small part because I find 5-day weeks to be taxing. Did you know that at one time France as a nation went to a 6-day work week, and it failed miserably?)

And that's another thing. I told him after the first week that I wanted more than 40 hours a week -- because that's full-time and, frankly, I didn't want a full-time job this summer. Can anyone tell me what six hours a day for seven days is? How about if we up that to seven hours a day, to account for closing time. We're looking at 42 or 49 hours this week. I don't want that. You could schedule me for 36 or, hells, 25 hours and I'd be happy. i'm not fucking trying to live off this; it's play money until I get my *real* job this fall. And my brother, who is trying to get college tuition money, languishes below the 30hrs/week mark.

I think he schedules me so much because I'm a good worker -- I have something of a forceful and charismatic personality, I can deal with people (I'm more patient in practice than I sound in this space), I get work done, and I'm dependable. Fine, that's great, I'm flattered -- I don't want these hours. Hire more people, but I'm not going to work 60-hour weeks for you, and certainly not at $6 an hour.

I'm gonna... burn the building down.

(Nine days...)

Work Update

Jul. 9th, 2005 05:52 pm
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Ok, well, as mom predicted, my fears concerning work, while not unfounded, were probably a little premature. Today was a much nicer day at work than even yesterday, and certainly better than any of the days previous.

Let Me Explain. )



Nov. 24th, 2001 07:56 pm
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Nothing much to say about today aside from my delay in sending off the letter. It was after 5, anyways, so if I sent it today, it wouldn't be any different than sending it monday - no mail on Sundays, y'know.

There was one thing. For some reason, the ladies (meaning they're each old enough to me my mother) at my work enjoy talking about my love life, and hooking me up with girls. ::Rolls eyes:: I don't get it.

Anyways, one of them asked if I were "looking for a christian girl" and the other one laughed and said of course - she didn't want me to have a "worldly girl." She also said she couldn't imagine me "doing worldly things" and laughed again. Now then, I'm not exactly sure of the meaning of "worldly", though I can make a general assumption. O.O
The funny thing is that what she said is generally the same thing I've been told by many of my friends. ^_^
Maybe I exude an aura or something...

Anyhow, that's that for today. I think I'll open my bag of chips and wach some Eva....

Mmmmm, Eva.....


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