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SCENE: ANDREW is asking MOM if she's seen his suit, which has gone missing.

MOM: Do you know what size it would be?
ANDREW: Uhm... comparable to dad? I'm a little taller than he is, but he's a little broader than me.
MOM: Yeah, that's a nice way of putting it.
ANDREW: <Laughter> I won't tell him you said that.

No, really.

May. 1st, 2006 11:04 pm
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Andrew: So, what you're saying is that your comforter smells like you... and this is a bad thing?
Anastasiya: Yes. It should smell like fabric softener.
Andrew: Funny you should say that; I just did my laundry with fabric softener the other day for the first time in forever, because I don't get fabric softener, and the first thing I thought was, "hey, this kinda smells like Anastasiya!"
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ANDREW sits at his computer in California; JOSH walks outside in the snow with PERSON in Ohio. JOSH and ANDREW are on the Phone.

ANDREW: So, how cold is it there?
JOSH: Cold enough to snow.
ANDREW: Aw, I wish it was that cold. It's actually kinda warm here. Though, by 'here' I mean 'in my room with the door closed and my computer on.'
JOSH: Well, it's warm here, too, if by here I mean 'my body,' because I'm wrapped in sweatshirts and stuff.
ANDREW: 'It's warm here if you mean 'in the center of my chest!'
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JOSH: Is it the song that "doesn't" end, or the song that "never" ends?
ANDREW: Uhm, I think it's "never."
JOSH: I think it's "doesn't."
ANDREW: ... Oh kay...
JOSH: That's actually a topic of heated debate here on campus.
ANDREW: ... Welcome to Steubenville!

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Scene: The Brothers Three, plus BETH, sit at Outback, coming to the end of their Bloomin' Onion.

GENE: They never give you enough dip.
JOSH: What are you complaining about, you're sitting next to two of them. (indicating TIM and GREG)
TIM: Can I hit him? (indicating JOSH)
ANDREW: I don't think you can reach him.
GREG: I can. (hits GENE)
ANDREW: Thank you, Greg. You've proven our point.
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Scene: EMILY, age four, comes downstairs at 10:30.

EMILY: Mommy, can I have some dessert?
MOM: No, sweatie, it's too late; we're not having dessert tonight.
EMILY: OK, then can I have a little ice cream?
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Scene: ANDREW and JOSH make fun of GENE's school.

JOSH: A party school to Christendom is not-wearing a tie.
ANDREW: We're gonna get all liquered up and wear open-toed shoes.
JOSH: Well, let's not get too wild.
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Scene: Having just returned from Mass and stopped the car on a warm day, JOSH gives ANDREW a hard time for his tendency to lock doors.

JOSH: You trust the neighbors enough to leave the doors unlocked, right?
ANDREW: Yes, and keep the windows down, too.
JOSH: Gene, keep the window down. It'll get hot.
GENE: One window up won't make the car hot.
ANDREW: Yes, it will.
GENE: Well, putting it down won't make much difference.
ANDREW: Yes, it will.
GENE: But then the deer will get in, and go for joy rides. I've seen it happen.
ANDREW: Yes, well, that was in Front Royal. Here, the deer are well behaved. Go to church, help out little old ladies, mow lawns. Productive members of society.
GREG: They make fertilizer, too.
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Passing a large, wooden playset which had been placed in a neighboring yard...

ANDREW: Huh, when'd that go in?
GENE: Recently?
ANDREW and TIM: Yes, recently. (laugh in unison)
ANDREW: OK, I have to blog this.
GENE: What? Why? No one will get it.
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Scene: JOSH sits at his computer, SENIARA, loading Sims 2: University. ANDREW lounges on JOSH's bed. GENE enters from stage-right, eating a large sandwich.

JOSH: (looking at Gene) Could you not have mustard near the computer?
GENE: (waves his sandwich near both the tower and the monitor)
JOSH: If I have any corrupted system files, I'm blaming it on you.
GENE: Last I checked, the magnetic radius of mustard was... uhm...
ANDREW: Minimal.
JOSH: Yes, but did those tests account for ham-mustard synthesis?
ANDREW: He has a point; ham accentuates the magnetism of mustard.
GENE: I think the cheese cancels it.
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Scene: ANDREW sits in a darkened room, sprawled accross the bed typing on his laptop. JOSH enters, remaining concealed in the shadows.

JOSH: You know what I just realized?
ANDRW: Hmmm? (continues typing.)
JOSH: Sims2 is just like an MMORPG. Except without the MM. Or the O.
ANDREW: Or really the 'RPG.'
JOSH: (laughs) No, there's the G.
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Scene: ANDREW, GENE, and JOSH are in Josh's Room. The PARENTS are out of twon for a couple days, leaving The Three in charge. The LITTLE ONES make child-like noises from off-stage.

ANDREW: You weren't up when mom called, but mom called.
ANDREW: Their renter wasn't ready to do a walk-through this morning. So they're going to call back around lunchtime and see where they are. But, they're saying like they want to do it 'late afternoon,' which to dad says 'evening.'
ANDREW: So the plan is, I'll find out when my friends want to meet. I'll leave you the Blue Car so you can get Josh to class, and I'll take the Convertible to-
JOSH: (chortle)
ANDREW: It's raining anyways, stupid.
JOSH: The appeal of a convertible is not having the top down, but rather the ability to have the top down.
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Scene: The Brothers Three (ANDREW, GENE, JOSH, and TIM) are sitting in the the car, taking JOSH to Driver's Ed, after visiting the Mall. GENE and TIM purchased Guild Wars, ANDREW purchased Matrix Online, and JOSH purchaced an assortment of candy.

ANDREW: So, what'd you get?
JOSH: ...sugar.
GENE (reaching backwards): Gimme some sugar.
(moment of silence)
ANDREW: Don't ever say that again.
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Scene: ANDREW is milling about his room, picking up clothes and putting them away -- which really just looks like moving them from one corner to another. JOSH enters from the hall, walks over to the bedside table, and picks up a recently purchased dvd, 'Super Mario Brothers' (circa 1993).

JOSH: (chuckles)
ANDREW: It's a good movie. You guys have to stop coming in here and laughing at it.
JOSH: I'm not laughing at it. I'm laughing with it.
ANDREW: Let me guess, it's laughing on the inside, right?
JOSH (dryly): Is it ever.


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