Aug. 27th, 2008

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Apparently this is an
ASCII art generator. I'ma check it out after work.

(For the uninitiated, ASCII is one of the computer codes used to represent
text; ASCII art is pictures formed from ASCII characters. It was really
popular in the old days, when grphical displays were... lacking. It's
apparently making a comback with spammers trying to get past
ever-more-clever spam filters. I found this generator on an article on that
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So there's this guy in Kentucky. He's kind of a goofball, apparently, and
has been trying to run for govenor or something. His wife sends him to the
grocery store where he runs into a woman and her two nieces (11 and 13), and
makes a fairly standard country-folk joke: "those are some nice girls, I'd
trade you a fattening hog for them." This is so standard that even
I, the very definition of a suburbanite, am familiar with it.
But apparently the
woman didn't think it was funny
and got a warrant for his arrent for
soliciting minors! OK, yeah, that's a touchy subject these days (I
don't remember there being such a to-do about it even sio much as 5 or 10
years ago), but it was an innocent joke, meant as a compliment. I
just can't believe people sometimes.
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So, just poking around in what I can find -- I, for one, will probably like DnD v4 quite a bit more than any of the previous incarnations. Though I couldn't say exactly why...
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HOLY CARP! Nick Von [Redacted] joined a Carmelite monastery!

OK, most of you won't know who that is. Beth and Jenny probably will remember who his was, and Leslie MIGHT remember him, but... Wow. I probably don't remember him justly, but this is kind of like telling me Moe from Calvin and Hobbes became a priest (he kind of picked on my more than a little bit in middle school). I should know by now that most people aren't as I remember them, and are generally much more human than I'd want to give them credit for, but that doesn't soften the shock very much.

This is actually pretty cool news. Shocking, but cool.


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