Aug. 22nd, 2008

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is rather unfortunate. Richard Cheese (as his stage-name goes) is a cover
artist who re-appropriates other's songs and puts them in the cheesy "longe
music" style. I heard one of his albums, "Lounge Against The Machine," and
it was pretty humorous. Imagine Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" as sung by a
lounge singer.

Anyways, Cheese apparently lets his music be used royalties-free in
podcasts, so he was invited to a "new media" seminar as one of several
entertainment acts. But the fact that the bloggers and podcasters in
attendance were taking pictures and videos apparently upset him. The
article says he went around taking people's cameras and turning them off,
yelling at people, and even spit on someone who continued to tape him.

*sigh* Strike another artist off my list of "worth caring about."
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Regarding Richard Cheese's outburst and assaults at a recent conference, This is the
original article that TechDirt linked to. Some of the commentors on
TechDirt proposed that, being "lounge punk," this was all just part of
Cheese's act. Apparently that's what a lot of the audience thought, too.
But it seems that's not actually the case, as there seems to have been a
clause in his contract about no filming (which the audience wasn't aware of)
and Cheese is coninuing with threats of legal action against people
involved. Also, people claiming to be Cheese and his lawyer make comments
defending Cheese's actions, but there's no attribution on teh intarwebz.


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