Jul. 21st, 2008

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The good news: among MANY
, they're making a Captain America movie. The bad news? It's
scripted by the same guy who wrote X2 and Last Stand, ie, the X-Men movies
that sucked. As such, it'll be really hard for me to get excited about it,
which is unfortunate because I like Captain America.
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Feeling a bit cruddy today: long weekend, plus I didn't sleep well
last night. It was warm and humid and still (warm and humid isn't as much a
problem if there's airflow) so I couldn't get comfortable in my bedroom, so
I went down to sleep in the basement. Unfortunately, it wasn't terribly
cooler down there and the bed's a lot less comfortable. After tossing and
turning until 2am or 3am I think I probably would have been better off just
toughing it out upstairs. Especially as, this morning, it was a lot cooler
upstairs than it was downstairs. Of course, none of this would be an
issue if the AC repairman had actually come back to finish his job, but
that's another story...

Anyways. I luckily have a 'short' day today. That is, I'll still be in the
office the regular amount of time, but there's a talk this afternoon that
deals with some of the things I worked with in my Master's degree, and I got
permission to attend so I "stay current" in the feild. Which means that
this afternoon I get to go listen about some cool things people are doing
elsewhere in the security field, rather than answering emails and sorting
out issues with clients. And that's several shades more interesting for
me. And I get to go home right afterwards, so yay.
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So, I just watched Imagine Me and You, courtesy of NetFlix, and aside from the leading lady being rather attractive I'm fairly dissatisfied with in. In fact, I'm almost angry about the movie. It starts off with Rachel marrying her life-time pal, Hank (or something). But at her wedding she bumps into someone who she falls madly in love with, and a sort of comedy or errors ensues. The trouble I have , though, is that as the climax approaches the movie makes it's message rather clear: as long as it feels right, all else be damned. Well, OK, I'm injecting my bias into that, but it boils down to Rachel leaving her husband and trotting off because it feels right. They try to tie it up in a nice bow with Rachel's passion inspiring her parents to speak to each other again, and Hank 'meeting' someone after the credits, but it doesn't soothe me.

And maybe it says something about me. Actually, I'm sure it says something about me. I want to say, "life's not like that," but what I mean is, "that's not right." It smacks too much of blind hedonism to me, that anything is fine so long as it feels good. I'm offended that she left her husband, as though that commitment didn't mean anything. (To be fair, the movie dances around that a little bit, insisting that she would have stuck it out, but that her husband lift her because he didn't want to keep her from being happy. But I think that's kind of shit.) I'm upset because... I don't know. The movie just seemed to trivialize everything. And it's a classically romantic "love conquers all" sort of sentiment, but... I don't know. I don't think that's good enough.


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