May. 23rd, 2008

A monolog

May. 23rd, 2008 09:59 am
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So I was going over to my friend's page to reply to a comment thread we have
going. I'm at work, so I'm not always signed in. When I got to hetr page,
though, I hit a warning from Livejouranal that said, "This page may contain
material that is unsuitable for minors," and then asked me to check a box to
confirm that I was 14 or older.

The page in question is a post my friend made discussing, in part, watching
the movie "Teeth," which is an apparently "clever, thoughtful, but gorey"
horror flick about vagina dentata. The only thing that I can imagine might
be 'objectionable' is that the post uses the word vagina once (three times
if you count the comments).

This actually kind of infuriates me a little bit. Especially lately, my
dissatisfaction with society's attitude toward sex has been irritated by a
number of little incidents and articles, none of which merit individual
mention but all of which just build up on the same reaccuring theme. Why is
the word vagina objectionable? I'll concede that maybe it's an attempt to
'filter' on key words, but one (or three) mention is the threshold? Is this
a zero-tolerance policy? It's dumb. What especially gets me is the age
limit of 14 or older; who pulled that one up? You need to be 18 to know
about sex and human annatomy, 13 to be allowed to use the Internet, and 12
in order to get pregnant -- funny, that. It's dumb, is what it is.

I had more to say, but my ability to be coherent is steadily dropping. It's
a mind-numbingly dull day at work, but at least I get off at 1pm today.
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The other day someone was talking about "doing things in tangent." I'm
fairly certain that they meant tandem, as in working together or
coordinating, rather than tangent, meaning diverting from the original
course or being irrelevant.

Also, regarding something that they were really ambivalent about, someone
said that they "could care less." No, you couldn't. You couldn't
care less, indicating a complete lack of concern. If you could care
less then that means you do care, which isn't the intended meaning.

These little things bug me a whole lot more than they really should.


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