Feb. 11th, 2008

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Amanda Fleetwood, Dec. 29, 1983 -- July 13th, 2004
Ben Bandas, April 12, 1986 -- July 20, 2006
Amanda Pudvah, Feb. 25, 1986 -- Feb. 10, 2008

Amanda Fleetwood was a friend-of-a-friend. I'd never met her, but when she died I was struck by the horribleness of it. Late on July 12th, 2004, she and a friend went to a smoke shop and then gave a lift to another of the customers, who they didn't know previously. Once they got where he was going, he shot them both in the back on the head. The friend, a guy, took three bullets but last I heard was stabilizing, though he'd probably lose an eye. Amanda died on the scene.

Ben Bandas was a friend-of-a-friend; in fact, he was Claire's little cousin. I met him once or twice and really liked him, but didn't see him much, especially after Claire and I broke up. He had lots of friends and was really loved, but most of us knew him through Anime Conventions, which probably means he didn't see any of us a whole lot. The last time I talked to him, he told me he was running his own computer-type company. Shortly thereafter, a matter of months I think, he killed himself. We all have demons, but it seems Ben felt he had to fight them alone and he lost. Before Ben, death had always been for old people and strangers.

Amanda Pudvah was a friend-of-a-friend; many friends, in fact, as it seems all of my friends in Steubenville knew her. I met her not even a month ago, when I took Elizabeth and Cindy up for a visit to see all our FUS friends. I really liked her, for having only just met her. That was the weekend I drove more than 5 hours to my parents' house, unknowingly on a 103-degree fever. Amanda died of pneumonia, and I imagine she must've gotten sick not long after my visit. Her death is made more tragic by the fact that she neglected to go to the doctor's because she didn't have health insurance, and some claim there's mismanagement at the FUS health center.

Three people who shouldn't be dead are because the world is messed up. They were all about 20 when it happened; hardly more than kids. Amanda shouldn't have been shot, Ben should've been able to get the respite he needed, and there should've been some kind of aide or support available to Amanda so she wouldn't die of fucking pneumonia.


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