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So I saw the new Bond movie over the weekend. I'm not going to say a whole
lot on it because I don't want to spoil anything, but over all...? I found
the movie to be lacking. If you took all the bad bits from Casino
(the confusing plot twists near the end, 2-dimentional
characters, and apparently shallow villains with little-to-no real
motivation) and added in a bit more of the bang! from older Bond movies (the
car chases and explosions from the Pierce Brosnan movies) that would pretty
much sum up Quantum of Solace. Craig's Bons is still a very awesome
chacter, I really can't complain about him (though he was maybe a notch or
two lower on the "cool badass" scale relative to Casino Royale).
There were two more-or-less flat love interests who were pretty much only
around to give Bond a convenient out or to die dramatically. (I liked
Fields, but aside from sleeping with Bond and tripping some guy, she didn't
add much at all to the film, and neither of those were terribly believable.)

I was really disatisfied with the ending, which was essentially a montage of
half-cocked scenes which successfully satisfied Bond's quest and curiosity
without clueing the audience in to anything relevant. "I told you want you
wanted to know," one villain complains to Bond, who agrees, but we never
find out what Bond asked, let alone what the answer was.

The opening car chase was probably the best scene of the whole movie.

So, is it worth seeing? Meh, you probably won't regret it, especially if
you're just looking to see a moderately-bland action movie. It's not high
on the intellectual scale and nothing terribly clever happens. It
(predictably) begs for a third movie (though the ending gives Bond
enough closure that they could just kill it here), so you may want to get it
under your belt in anticipation of that inevitability. But don't go in
expecting to be wowed.
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