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I don't really have any commentary on Thuis, but
Il'l be laughing about it for a while. MTV recently started a video hosting
site where they're putting up every music video ever (something YouTube
wanted to do, but which The Lables have successfully stopped from
happening). The funny thing here, though? Weird Al wrote a a song called
"Don't Download This Song," which basically made fun of the RIAA and how
they're making file-sharing out to be some horrid moral evil. At the
beginning of the song he mentions Morpheus, Limewire, and a couple other
(old, now) file-sharing apps. And on MTV's site? The words are bleeped
out, as though they were censoring curse words.

Now, I've never really cared much for censoring songs -- I just tend to like
songs less when they have excessive or unnecessary cursing. I've also been
amused by some of the things that get censored or now (like in Wheetus'
"Teenage Dirtbag," where the only thing in the song that they censor is
"gun" in the line "he brings a gun to school"). But this is really, really
dumb. I mean, really. Who's bright idea was this? And why did they think
it was a good idea?

Date: 2008-10-31 02:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tarsus4.livejournal.com
I read from a Slashdot comment that it comes from an anti-advertising policy, they bleep things like "Burger King", etc all the time.

In that context it makes a little more sense.


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