Jul. 17th, 2008

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So, here's something I don't get: what's with the confusion over 'next
weekend' and 'this weekend'? When I speak, I use "this weekend" to refer to
the upcoming Fri-Sun cycle, and "next weekend" to refer to the weekend after
next week. (I guess my assumption is that the week 'ends' on Sunday; "and
the the 7th day he rested.") This seems perfectly reasonable to me, and
allows for "last weekend," "this weekend," and "next weekend" to have
distinct meanings. Yet it seems I'm constantly having trouble communicating
when people think I mean THIS weekend when, on say a Monday or Wednesday, I
talk about NEXT weekend. I can understand where they might get that meaning
from "next," but interpretting it like that obviously causes confusion. Am
I missing some kind of social cue for why my definitions aren't widely
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An hour until I get out of work. A few hours before my plane takes off. I
need to park my car, check in, get to the gate. Lay over and dinner in
georgia at about 7:30, off the ground again at about 9:00. Landing in
Jacksonville at about 10:00, need to rent a car and drive two hours to
Gainesville, then find a hotel. Nifer's wedding is tomorrow. I fly back
Saturday evening.

I'm kind of nervous and stressed. this is the time when Bad Things can
happen and ruin my plans.


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