Mar. 29th, 2008

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Man am I exhausted. Last week was... just tiring, really. I had long stretches of practically nothing to do at work, followed by short bursts of not-quite-frantic activity, then more boredom. That takes a lot out of a guy.

This weekend's been a whole lot of good stuff; I always, always under-estimate how awesome it feels for me to get out and socialize.

Last night I went to my buddy Chris's place for "Ice Cream and Movie" night. It was me, Chris, his roomies Betsy and Jayna, and our friend Joia. (Chris mentioned that we had a full house and I didn't get it until this morning). We started the night playing Super Smash Brother Brawl (playing Stock is A LOT different from playing Time), then played some WarioWare (which is AWESOME), and then watched Hellboy, which actually wasn't nearly as bad as I expected (I actually kinda liked it).

Tonight was a Surpise Going Away Brithday Party for a mutual friend Colin, also over at Chris's place. LOTS more people this time, plus drinkies and foodstuffs. I really like that crowd (though, in all honestly, I'd have to admit to being a little uncomfortable at times in certain situations), and I met some really neat people tonight (notably a girl named Ainlsey, whose name alone is awesome).

Both tonight and last night I was told that I'm funny, great to be around, and have a "genuine laugh." So it's a nice ego boost for me. But it occurred to me on my way home how much it really means to me when people compliment my laugh. I remember being picked on in elementary and middle school because of my laugh, and while I'm sure it's matured over the years, it's nice when people not only tolerate my laugher, but honestly like it. I'd say, "just the little things, I guess," except the point is it isn't just a little thing for me. My laughter is very much a defining aspect of me.

Tomorrow promises to be good, too. I'm going to try and introduce myself to the choirgirl at church, and if I can figure out some kind of a list I want to get to the grocery store and maybe the liquor store, too; I was reminded tonight how much I love amaretto, and I'm almost out of scotch. Then in the evening I'm going to the starting session of a Role-playing game with me, Anastasiya, Ben, Daniel, and Kirt. I'm really psyched because I love the system we're planning on using.

It should be a great weekend all around.


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