Mar. 11th, 2008

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So, Here is
an article dealing with the case of a highschool student who got two days of
detention for wearing a particular T-shirt (or, specifically, for not
turning the t-shirt inside out to hide it's message) and the family who is
suing the school district over it.

The offending t-shirt showed the image of a military-issue pistol and had
the words "Volunteer Homeland Security," "Special Issue Permit No. 91101"
and "Terrorist Hunting Liscence" on it. A bit more enthusiastic for my
tastes, and the references to Homeland Security and 'terrorist hunting' make
me a little uneasy, but generally a clever and harmless t-shirt, I'd say.
The shirt was given to the boy by his uncle, who is currently serving in
Iraq, and the boy wore it in his honor.

The school apparently asked him to turn the shirt inside out and when he
didn't gave him two days of detention. That's pretty severe for wearing a
t-shirt, even one with a message you maybe disapprove of, and some might
argue it's a violation of the boy's constitutional right to free speach.
That's exactly what the boy's parents (and their lawyer) are arguing in
their suit.

The school has apparently made the defence that they need to keep kids safe
in a time when school shootings are occuring at such a rate that some of us
hardly notice them any more. And while this is probably true... I mean,
look at the facts here. A kid got two days of detention for wearing a
t-shirt that *showed a gun*. The mere *image* of a gun is dangerous to
students? Nevermind that the t-shirt is patriotic and no less aggressive to
American citizens than the Homeland Security it references. It's a T-SHIT
for cripes' sake.

What we have here is a case of zero-tolerance towards guns taken to such an
extreme that we're to the point of zero-tolerance towards their very image.
And zero-tolerance often translates to zero-common-sense. It's just dumb
and, to be honest, this sort of stuff really gets nder my skin.


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