Feb. 23rd, 2008

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Today, I feel great. It's the first time in what seems like a long time that I have a day to just sit and recharge. It's nice. Got my bedroom straightened, did laundry, washed the dishes, got some groceries (mostly liquids, none alcoholic)... I think I may watch one of my Netflix later (currently Havoc and Existenz), but for now I think I'ma make some tea and play video games.
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There's really nothing terribly supernatural about This story, and I think that's most of why I like it. In short: woman goes into a coma. After two weeks, the doctors tell her husband (who's been there around the clock the whole time) that they're going to need to shut off her life support. So he yells at her, the comatose wife: he says he's had enough and that she needs to start fighting now, that she can't give up, so she needs to quick mucking about and start breathing. Two hours later, she was breathing steadily, and later woke up. She says she doesn't remember what he'd said, but she remembers him yelling at her; she said she never liked him being angry with her, and something inside her just 'clicked.'


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