Feb. 22nd, 2008

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is an interesting article on "file-sharing" versus "file-stealing,"
commenting on the debate of whether or not unauthorized downloading is "just
like" theft. The *AAs and similar want to make that claim for a number of
reasons but, as noted in the article, there's a big difference between
stealing a TV and downloading a file: if a TV is stolen, you don't have it
anymore, but if someone copies your file you've still got it.

The Mike Masnik from Techdirt who they mention early on is the guy who I've
drawn a
of my theory on Copyright and related bits from.
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Ice storm last night. Regular working conditions this morning.
It's bad when you start counting down to the end of the work day two hours
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So, I hate making sweeping generalizations (despite doing it constantly). But I think parents here in America are really, really failing, as a general rule. I read not but a few months ago about parents calling the cops on their kids because said kids wouldn't listen when said parents told them to go to bed. Necessarily, the cops can't do anything other than take the kids into custody, 'cause that's what cops do. But why would it ever even occur to someone to call the cops on their kids because they're misbehaving?

Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to that question, and I think it's because parents these days either (1)don't want to take responsibility, (2)are too used to a nanny-state to know anything other than calling Big Brother, or (3) both.

Anyways, this morning at work I stumbled upon THIS little gem. In short: woman has four sons. Sons get 'out of control.' Woman 'goes on strike', leaves the boys at her place and moves in with her boyfriend. Reporter goes to talk to the kids and practically gets assaulted. Woman is charged with negligence (rightfully). Presumably, sons are in custody.

I can't even begin to comment on all the things that are wrong with that story, but once again it's indicative of what I feel is one of the major problems with our society as it stands now.


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