Feb. 14th, 2008

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So I've effectively removed my previous post regarding the death of Amanda
Pudvah. It was written in anger and ignorance and, having received the
details of what happened, I decided that her story, though tragic, didn't
belong with that of Amanda Fleetwood and Ben Bandas. They died as a result
of the evils that people do to themselves and others. Amanda Pudvah's
death, while frustratingly sudden and apparently premature, was not the
result of malice or violence.

I got the details from my brother Josh, who knew Amanda and got these
details from her room mate. A wave of colds and fevers had been sweeping
their campus for a while, to the point where it was affectionately referred
to as "the plague." Everyone got it, they were laid low for a few days, and
then recovered. On Friday, February 8th, Amanda began to feel ill but
nothing exceptionally bad. On Saturday, February 9th, she was feeling a bit
worse but that's generally to be expected and, like many (myself included),
Amanda figured some hot tea and bedrest would be fine. On Sunday, February
10th, she woke up coughing blood. 911 was called and there were
arrangements to get Amanda air lifted to a hospital in Pittsburgh (about an
hour's drive away), but she didn't make it. She received Last Rites and
died that afternoon on campus. As Josh put it, she met her death well, even
if the rest of us haven't.

For my part, since this is my journal, I'm unsure of my place. I didn't
know Amanda much at all, having only just met her on my mid-January visit.
I liked her, she was pretty and nice, but... I've been rather sad (and, as
you may have seen, angry) over her death, but I feel like I'm not allowed,
for lack of a better term. I feel like I'm intruding on the grief of those
who *actually* knew her.

There is one similarity that Amanda Pudvah's death has with Ben's and Amanda
Fleetwood's, and that is it serves as a reminder that life is short and you
never know how much time you may have left. Further, it shows that an
unexpected death isn't always caused simply by violence. So, be good to
those around you. Let people know how much they mean to you. Don't put off
living your life, saying how you feel, because you never know when you or
someone close to you might not be there on Monday morning.
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So it's Valentine's day.

I'm always a little bit amused by the significance that this day gets.
There's *a lot* of commercial attention, a bit of positive attention, and
mostly negative attention in my experience. One of my friends even referred
(half-jokingly, I'm sure) to today as February the 13B-th. I heard a
commercial on the radio that started out saying how nice it is to get your
sweetheart a diamond something on Valentine's day and ended with the
announcer yelling about how you're making him look bad. "Diamonds," it
said, "for when you care enough to royally screw your friends." I have to
admit being a little amused.

My trouble is that it just seems to get over-blown. I mean, stop and think
about that commercial for a second: diamonds? For Valentine's Day? Why? I
mean, aren't diamonds, you know, the sort of thing you get for an
engagement? Or a 50th wedding anniversary? Chocolates, sure, if she likes
them. Flowers have the same deal. Did you know there's a company that goes
around delivering 8ft teddy-bears? Who *wants* an 8ft teddy-bear? (That's
rhetorical, I don't really want to know.) And yeah, getting dressed up and
going out to dinner, and fawning over each other can be nice, but... I
mean, I guess, my point is, why today? Why not, you know, whenever?

A friend recently congratulated someone on their birthday for "completing
another dizzying lap around the sun." Valentine's day sometimes feels that

Another friend has reclaimed the day as Love Day, and she takes time today
to remember and acknowledge everyone she loves. And I think that's valid
(though I'll keep the name "Valentine's Day"; I'm a traditionalist). I
would like to now name everyone I love by name, alphabetically. But I
won't. Because I'm sure to miss someone, and wow the drama, ne?

Plus, I have a meeting in five minutes.

Anyways, for better or worse, single or attached, with or without diamonds,
candy, or an 8ft teddy-bear, I hope you all have a good day today. And next
Tuesday, for no particular reason at all.
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This editorial brings up a lot of the points that I find troublesome in regards to the whole global-warming/climate-change thing.


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