Jul. 30th, 2007

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I want to cry. I want to go home. I feel so lost and alone out here.

There's Steve and Marcin, they're good buddies. And Valerie is very cool, though our relationship is pretty much just professional; it's her job to make sure I'm on track and get all my stuff done, but she's a nice lady and we talk casually a lot. And there are the guys at the game shop, Nick and Brent and Haven and Bruce. And my housemates are really cool, but I'm still more afraid of them than anything else -- y'know, 'cause I want them to like me and I'm scared that they won't, and that makes me awkward and clumsy and I'd sooner avoid them than make a fool of myself.

Everyone else dear to me is so far away. And some of them I haven't talked to in so long. And I hate the three hour difference, because by the time I get around to even thinking of calling someone it's getting late on the East Coast. So I don't call. And I'm just tired. And scared. And homesick. I miss my mom. -laughs at himself- I'm such a dork.


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