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So there's apparently a web page out there called "The Ultimate Joker" which is presuring
Hollywood to retire The Joker as a movie villain and let Ledger's version
stand as the last one.

I am so vehemently against this that I can't adequately
express it. Yes, Ledger's Joker was the best that I'd ever seen, and
yeah, I don't think you could improve on it. I'd go so far as to say that
anyone else trying to do Ledger's Joker would probably be a disappointment.
But I in no way this that justifies retiring such an amazing
villain! Ledger's death was a tragedy, and i'm still terribly disappointed
when I think that he'll never play another part again, but to deny Batman
his greatest rival, especially now, as the new franchise is taking
off, would simply be a crime.

I also don't believe that Ledger's performance, while amazing, is
"the best there could ever be." That's being a bit too harsh, I think, of
the potential of other actors. Even if no one can duplicate Ledger's
madman, what's to say they can't do a suitable reinterpretation?

The joker is and has been one of my favorite villains ever. The
counterpoint that he player to Batman was brilliantly brought out in The
Dark Knight
. But while Ledger brought the villain to life, he didn't
write the character or direct the scenes. Ledger was a great actor, but he
was just an actor. The joker can and should live on without him.
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