Sep. 26th, 2008


Sep. 26th, 2008 11:21 pm
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Feeling irritable after a long week on travel. I had two days of meetings on the west cost, which meant leaving Tuesday morning and getting back at 5pm on Friday night. I like traveling, generally, but I've definitely decided I do not like flying Southwest Airlines. I've never felt so cattle-like on a trip before, it was just borderline-degrading. Doesn't help that the whole second day of meetings was less-useful and much more like a big commercial for the contractors we were dealing with...

In my personal life, Meghan and I still don't have a date. Which, I guess, shouldn't really bother me much in that we've only been engaged for two weeks, but I wish it seemed like we'd made any progress. (It also doesn't help that it's the first question anyone asks when they hear the news, but I can't really fault them for that...) The biggest annoyance is that Meghan's parish office seems to be giving us the run-around as far as getting things started goes. We need to turn in forms and meet with a priest before they'll even let us look at a calendar, but no one seems very clear on WHICH priest we need to talk to, and no one seems terribly interested in helping us schedule a meeting with either of them. To be fair, we almost had a meeting set up with one of the priests last week, but then we were told that we had to meet with a DIFFERENT priest, so we canceled that meeting before it happened. Now it seems that this other priest can't meet with us any time soon and, what's more, can't do a wedding any time around when we're looking. (We're now at the point of considering pretty much any time between mid-April -- after Beth Harzold's wedding -- and mid June.) It's just... tiring. I wish they could just tell us what steps we need to take, but it seems all they're capable of telling us is what we're NOT allowed to do.

On a related note, it bothers me that it's so difficult to talk to a priest in this parish. I mean, it seems to me that if you're a parish priest, and someone in your parish needs to talk to you (for whatever reason), and it's nigh-impossible to get in touch with you, you're doing something wrong. I don't care how many great programs your running, if you aren't available when a parishioner needs you, you fail. Of course, I have to take a deep breath and take a step back and recognize that I'm probably more than a little influenced by the rather personal nature of my current issue, but still... I mean, marriage is one of the sacraments, and the sacraments should be more a priests' job than anything else. At the very least they should be readily able to schedule time with a young couple looking to get married.

Anyways. I should be sleeping. I'm full of nervous energy, though, and my internal clock is still skewed -- it's only 8:30 on the west coast.


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