Sep. 22nd, 2008

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So SanDisk, the guys who make all those neat memory cards you use in your
cameras and cell phones, have released a
"new" format for digital music
, but I'm left wondering what the point
is. Apparently, for "the price of a CD" you can buy a micro-SD card (the
really little ones) that cames "pre-loaded" with "DRM-free" music.

First, if it's pre-loaded, why do I care? I actively dislike at least 50%
of what's out there, probably closer to 80% depending on how you decide to
count. The odds that your little chip has music I care to buy is slim.
Second, if it's pre-loaded, how much is on there? Assuming "the price of a
CD" is about $20, you're talking roughly the cost of 20 iTunes songs (since
iTunes' prices are the standard by which we measure these things). Either
I'm better off picking my own music from iTunes, or they plan on
putting loads of music on there, deeply under-cutting iTunes (which is
unlikely, as the lables seem to want *more* than what iTunes is giving
them). Twenty songs would be about 20 or 80MB (depending on the length of
the songs), and these cards are supposed to have 1000MB of space on them.
Yay for less than 10% usage. And if they ARE putting more music on there
(or, worse, there's a variety of different cards with different loads), the
odds of me reading the back of a box to see if it has music I care about
(when I can just find what I want on iTunes) is even closer to zero.

More to the point, third: why do I care about a new music format? Already
we have wma, aac, flac, mp3, ogg, and probably a handful of others I'm
unaware of. Of those, I only ever *really* listen to mp3s -- even my iTunes
purchaces, when they're aac, get converted to mp3 at the earliest
opportunity. Why do I want another format to worry about? Even more
to the point, if these songs are supposedly DRM-free... what's the catch? I
mean, why are they even *doing* this? Do they think people would rather run
out to target and buy a spray-and-pray music chip that, I don't know, buy
music from iTunes or the way they have been for the last few
years? What's so great about a small little piece of silicone and
plastic that we the consumer even want to consider bothering with it? I
mean, just as one point, I lose my car keys, and they're quite a bit
bigger than my thumbnail (the side of SD cards).

Anyways. Just seems like a dumb idea.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 05:19 pm
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I can stand for This.


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