Jul. 15th, 2008

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So, apparently, they've quietly removed
550 metric tons of uranium
from a site in Iraq -- so queitly, in fact, that the media burried the AP
article that was released over a week ago. Now, granted, the material they
removed isn't actual weapons-grade uranium, but it's a mediary step in the
process. I don't know, but I think something like this adds a little
credence to the original reasoning for the war, that Saddam was working to
manufacture weapons of mass destruction.
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So, a sysadmin hijacks
an entire network and, for fear of some sort of remote attack that would
destroy valuable documents, they search his car and home for a device that
might initiate such an attack. But if you think about it, that's kind of
stupid: what kind of a device are you looking for? If he left a way
to destroy things, it's probably just a script somewhere on the network. In
the best case it requires someone to connect to the network and tell it to
go, but a more fail-proof method would be a "time bomb" that needs to be
tagged every so often or else it bursts. If THAT's the case, they're
probably already too late.
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You know in those teen movies where they're showing some big party or
something and then the nerdy protagonist says or does something that throws
everyone off, and they have that record-scratch sound and everyone just
stops and stares? That's kind of how I felt when, while reading about
Nintendo's bit at E3, I saw this:

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will debut exclusively on Nintendo

Grand Theft Auto on a Nintendo system? I think something in my brain
just broke. I mean, how much more un-Nintendo can
you get besides GTA?


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