Jun. 30th, 2008

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Right now, I am furious.

In February, I was put on my first real project, a short report we owed a
client. The report had sat mostly-untouched fior a few months before I got
it, and we needed to get it out the door in short order. I had my completed
report done near the end of April, and we considered the task completed in
early May. It had to go through another depatment to get to the client, but
our part was done. (This wasn't just my opinion, either; my management
agreed that it was a completed task.)

Except that a month later I found that the report hadn't been sent out yet,
and an addendum had been proposed to state the conclusions of the report
more-clearly. That's fine because, as anyone who's talked to me on a topic
I 'get' would know, I have a tendancy sometimes to be unable to clearly
express myself to those less-informed. The report wasn't intended for a
techie, so a clear conclusion was good.

But now, a month later still, not only is the report not out but someone up
the chain in this other department is questioning the level of detail that
we put in there, and askingh if we talked with the ubertechies (those guys
know things that make MY head hurt). So now the report is nearly a year
late and the value of my input is effectively being questioned. I'll admit
that the ubertechies know a lot more details about specific points, but I
like to think that I know something of what I'm talking about,
especially for a high-level report like this is.
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So, I think it's interesting that Rhapsody is
getting into the business of selling mp3s. I'm pretty sure that's the
subscription service that some of my friends who're still in college have
mandated for them (I imagine the cost gets rolled into their tuition). I
think it's even more interesting that they're letting people preview full
songs on their service. But I find it most interesting that they're trying
to limit those full previews to 25 per month, and in particular that they're
using a cookie to make sure people play by their rules. I mean, what's to
keep someone from deleting the cookie, especially when all you need to do to
find it is search for *.SOL?


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