Apr. 28th, 2008

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I'm taking the day off sick from work.
This means I (probably) won't be spamming your Friends' pages with random tech news.
I apologize in advance for the convenience.
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A few times a month, my friend Chris has people over to his place for games, or movies, or sushi. Last Friday was a Movie night, which tend to be smaller gatherings: I guess people don't like movies. This week, it was Me, Chris, his fiance Liz (who I haven't seen in a long time; it was good to see her again), Joia, Anne, and a friend of his I hadn't met before: Flynn. I've probably completely messed up her name, but that's not the point.

My reputation preceded me: Chris has perpetuated a long-lost nickname of mine, Giggles, and that combined with my jovial nature prompted two questions from Flynn over the course of the night: why do I laugh at everything, and why am I always so happy?

The first question is easy to answer: everything's funny.

In answer to the second question, though, I just laughed and asked Chris why I'm always so happy; he said it was paint chips. The truth though, as Chris and most of you here are well aware, is also really easy: I'm not.

I love people. They energize me. Even when I'm in a bad mood, being around people makes me feel good, and so when I'm around people, I'm always in a pretty good mood. I'd have to be pretty miserable for it to be otherwise. But I do get sad a lot. Sometimes I get really sad. I get lonely. I look around at my life and, as good as it is, I can see all the pieces that are missing, or that don't fit right. Sometimes I physically ache from the sadness.

I stayed home from work today. I called and told them I was sick, though that's probably slightly less than truthful. I didn't sleep well, and I ached, and I'm pretty sure I'd've been less-than-functional at work, but I'm not really sick. I'm glad I stayed out, though; it's a good bit of time for me to have just by myself, and I don't get enough of that lately. Extroverted or no, even I need some downtime.

Life IS good, though. Really good. I own a house, and I love my home. I have a job I enjoy (most days), which pays well and is only a short drive away. I have family and friends nearby who love me. I'm healthy, intelligent, and handsome (if I do say so myself; and I do). It's a melancholic-ally beautiful day out.

I watched the last Netflix I had today, "Finding Neverland." It was a good movie, though a bit slow in general. I admit, I cried; it was cathartic.

Anyways, just wanted to share some of today's emotion with you all. I'm happy, in a rainy-day sort of way.
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Also, one of the dating sites I'm on (hey, I needa meet girls somehow) has this bit where they'll give you free membership time if you don't "find someone" in six months, the catch being that you have to contact at least 5 people a month. Not hard, but I have a bad habit of not getting to it until the end of the month.

The end of last week I sent out some messages, and I woke up this morning to a reply which, in part, said "I think if I had to make up my ideal 'match' you'd be it!" No pressure, though, of course. :p


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