Jan. 30th, 2008

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So, feeling kind of dysphoric today. I think I blame the face that I
haven't seen the sun yet today; it was raining when I came in and my cube
faces away from the windows. I'm also feeling a bit sluggish, a combination
of not having any work to do (my time on this project is pretty much over
and my next one doesn't start until Monday, at the earliest) and not getting
enough sleep. I'm not sure how to define 'enough sleep,' though. I think
I'm getting about 6 or 7 hours a night (though I aim for 8), but I just
don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

For those of you playing at home, Meghan (originally from Christendom, now
at Steubenville) has decided we aren't friends any more. I find this a
difficult concept to wrap my head around; I don't understand

Verizon is being kind enough to buy me an iPod. Well, mostly. Since I
signed up for their TV/Internet/Phone deal, they're giving me a 19" LCD TV
-- or $200 in BestBuy gift cards. I have no use for a 19" TV, so I'm taking
the gift cards and putting it toward an iPod Touch, securing my status as
"yuppie" (I don't think I qualify as a hipster in much of any sense at
all). The decision to GET an iPod has been a long time coming. I don't
burn CDs any more and, even when I do, 90min of music isn't enough to
satisfy me. I switched to having iTunes manage my music a while ago and
though I still have gigs of music left to tag still, it manages things A LOT
better than WinAmp or anything else I've used. Amusingly, most of my music
purchases come from Amazon these days. The decicion to get a Touch rather
than any of the other players comes down to the fact that I really like
music videos, and I think the Touch presents them the best. Plus, I mean,
come on. How cool is a touch screen?

I feel like I've been running all over the place, and part of me just wants
to sit down and... relax for a while. I was at Steubenville the weekend
before last, and at my parents' this past weekend visiting with my sister
and her new kid. This weekend I'm taking a trip to see Leslie in Virginia
Beach. I'm supposed to have a social thing tonight, and I'll probably go,
but a big part of me just needs some time off, maybe get my clothes put
away, my junk mail trashed, my kitchen cleaned, or my boxes unpacked. Or, I
don't know, just pour myself a scotch and... play video games or something.
I feel like I need to recharge my batteries, but usually that means
going out and seeing people, and right now I'm feeling particularly

My cousin Tina came over last night and we watched "The Number 23," which
we'd both been interested in seeing but never got around to. It was
alright, nothing terribly exciting, and while I don't think Carey did a
poor job, it wasn't terribly stimulating, either. I think, all
things considered, my favorite Carey movie is ... Oh what was that one,
about the TV show that watched some guy's life, and it was all a lie and he
lived in a big TV studio...? I can't remember the name. people tell me
"The Mask" was really good, but I haven't seen that in years, and I
know the sequels sucked. "Eternal Sunshine..." and "the Majestic"
were good, but as with "The Number 23" I wasn't particularly struck by
Carey's acting in either.
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So, I'm not feeling as sad as this probably sounds, but... Sometimes it seems that more and more my friends need me less and less. That's not a fair comment to make, I know that I'm important to more than a few of my friends, but as everyone goes off and lives their lives and get married and have kids... I think part of it is just my own personal discouragement in that that is what I want and don't have, but a bit of it is also feeling like I'm less a part of their lives as time goes on. A few months or so go by and we hardly talk, and it's hard to see how I'm relevant anymore.


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